I found this site womentowomen.com/thyroid-he...

is it any good and is the information reliable ?

I was looking up if one with hypothyroidism or related thyroid issues could eat endamne(soy) beans as i happen to like a salad that has them in . However if they damage the thyroid I (or anyone with thyroid problems) cant afford to eat them as I am feeling really rough as it is, and wondered if its ok to eat blanched French beans , broad beans, artichokes and asparagus?

I am pescetarian.



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  • Soy beans contain a lot of hormones and may interfere with the take up of thyroid hormones, I avoid if I can!! There are things you must not eat raw such as broccoli and cabbage but I think artichokes and asparagus are OK.

  • Thanks for this - I have the same problem. I'm vegetarian and struggling to find what I can eat at the mo! Are olives OK do you know?

  • Dear Arwen1962

    I don't have a prob with olives.. i think they are ok but check with your gp,, or if you know or have access to any professional with expert knowledge , as i feel the thyroid is a complicated gland and wreaks enough havoc when it goes wrong!!!

    all the best


  • so what about spinach I am mad about that and would have it every day if |I could grow enough

  • thyroid.about.com/od/sympto...

    i think from this information it seems to be a goitrogen too..

    i love the stuff, but im not going to hamper my already under active thyroid by

    giving it something that doesn't support it..

    I,m no doctor but im having a hard enough time with my gp and understanding what is and isn't going to support this horrible nasty uncomfortable condition.

    try and find other foods like asparagus , i know its expensive and seasonal,

    but ive been advised to avoid goitrogens,however delicious they are.




    also the site..http://www.stopthethyroidmadness.com/

    has food info

  • Thanks so much!

  • with all due respect I think your GP is the last to know anything about diet !

  • Hi

    but we all go to gps if we suddenly put on weight or if weight issues become a prob, so they should know something about it especially as food is such an issue with thyroid problems!!! wouldnt you think?



  • no! they have no training - apart from a few hours in nutrition - and many of them dont even believe what we eat has anything to do with our health! if it is a weight issue , their best response is eat less , do more exercise.

    the gp is the last place Id go if I had weight issues and Im sure there are plenty of people on this forum that have stories of just how useless their gp was when they did.

    if you are having problems with your gp helping with a clinical condition why on earth should they be able to help with food and weight issues??!!

  • dear alchemilla

    im begginning to agree with you i think the general ness of their practice

    means they know very little indeed but get paid alot..



  • Thankyou

    strange as raw broccoli is great for anti cancer....#

    and cabbage is good for diets

    obviously not in our case

    thankyou so much for your time




    Its so hard with thei silly thyroid thing knowing what to eat and what not,, you have to check so many things,,it makes one frightened to eat !! incase one ends up ill again




  • I'm not really qualified to say but I haven't heard that olives are bad for the thyroid.

  • thankyou glynisrose



  • Try this site stopthethyroidmadness.com/g...

    It gives a list of foods that are supposedly goitregenic.

  • thank you

    have looked.

    kind regards


  • I eat olives. I avoid soy altogether now, but make sure that my other goitrogens are well cooked or made into soup rather than steamed and crunchy like I used to have them. Where I used to have soy in my salads, I have chestnuts (not water chestnuts)from a jar or tin which you can get in any shop around Christmas time and on line at other times. I am not pescetarian though, so if you do cut back on soy, you may wish to check what you can replace it with in other ways. Make sure you supplement B vitamins (especially B12 which can only be found in animal products or synthetic non animal supplements) as these help thyroid hormone conversion and can cause a lot of unpleasant symptoms if you are low. You may already be up to speed on this, but thought I would mention as you say you are feeling unwell. Hope this helps S

  • Dear Sandywandy1

    Do water chestnuts harm the thyroid,,

    i do limit my intake of chineese food, odd as the chineese are supposed to be one of the best physicians, you would think they would not put all the extras that harm ones body in the food that one needs to live.

    I do take b 12, but i think that I prob have low cortisol, and am having lots of unpleasant symptoms for the last two months,, it takes me a while to do anything as i have to have continual breaks, and naps as so tired and giddy,



  • thanks so much! My B12 seems OK. I also take a very good supplement for it every day. Usiong chestnuts is a fab idea!

  • Dear Sandy 12

    this is very detailed and very helpful info

    thankyou very much for your time.

    Eating is a prob with thyroid complications and i think this adds to the depression as one is at a loss to know what to eat without feeling awful for the next week or so as one may have unknowingly eaten something that contains something that will harm ones thyroid.

    Do you perhaps know of a thyroid cook book that can give some of us the will to live?

    Thank you

    I will avoid soya beans, but can one eat broad beans?



  • great question Astroscopesuk!

  • Dear Arwen1962

    reason is that I am losing the will to live at the moment and i should think many others with thyroid probs are too and if you cant eat it makes one even more depressed and having to inspect the contents of cans and foods and go to lists to see if the blessed thing contains something that is going to mess up ones thyroid, its no fun anymore,,

    I recently found out that tuna can also contain soy as some unscrupulous sellers like John West and Princes chuck any fish in their dolphin friendly tuna and use soy fats when putting in the cans,,

    However if one can get hold of a skipjacks can of tuna or any other that has a picture of line fishing on it, the likely hood that that is just Tuna in brine , water, or sunflower oil only is pretty good. I just checked mine and it is skipjacks and no soy!!!



  • Dear Arwen 1962

    i also have been reading allot about selenium,,and selenium ace,, some say its good and some say it affects them.????

    I currently take it as a supplement as my poor little body is not good at all,,only 5 ft..

    im all blotchy and weak and limping and tired and unable to move very far,, brain foggy and boiling hot and then freezing cold,, i need to check out what one can and cant eat as im not very clued up on all this and didnt want to hurt any more than i do..

    some say you can eat spinach cooked!!!!!

    im not sure anymore,,,

    hope all feel better soon

    Regards Astro

  • thankyou sandy 12



  • Hi there, I am in a similar boat, I have Lymphocytic Thyroiditis, or Hashimoto's disease and half my thyroid left only, after surgical removal of right side due to nodule-due to hash's. I have found the Blood type diet to be helpful. Some people have poo poohed it however I believe in the fact that blood is mighty important. I am an 'O' Blood type and I do respond well to what Dr James D'Adamo. 'The Blood type diet ' recommends for me. I have headed instinctively towards the foods suggested. I cannot deal with too many beans etc, because of the indigestion issues I have, without a gallbladder too. If you see the Super beneficial foods that he recommends and those that are neutral and those to be avoided, it may be helpful. With the Thyroid issues too, it does seem to be so complicated, however stress too doesn't help, so I guess we have to balance out what we can do realistically. I am tired all the time right now on T4 Levothyroxine and hoping to start a small does of T3 or even end up paying for NDT (Natural Desiccated Thyroid), if I have to. I find it all so overwhelming and time consuming. However, it is so important to feel well. Asparagus and artichokes are good for digestion I believe, for me anyway. All the best. Is there anywhere in the UK that I can buy Armour Thyroid if my Dr refuses to give me a prescription for it. The T3 is hugely expensive. I feel despair at it all. We all just want to feel well. Love and Best wishes.

  • I don't know of another illness where we are so ignored. I live in a family of Diabetics. Type 1. My youngest brother died of it when he got Cardiomyopathy at the age of 37. Diabetes is also a very complicated illness with injections and blood tests all day long and highs and lows and I watch my mother struggle with it, despite being a healthy woman all her life, exercising and eating well. I do feel that she is listened to by her Diabetic specialists. I don't feel we are as thyroid patients and I am getting very upset about it for myself and everyone else. What can we do apart from ask and answer questions here and sign petitions?We have to go to work too and raise families, feeling so awful a lot of the time. I was on the sick for 6 weeks after having my throat cut for thyroid surgery and told I was fit enough to return to teaching. 6 hours on your feet all day and using your voice to help and deal with often very noisy children and young people. Unbelievable. It is truly disgusting! Peace.

  • Dear Mermaidblues

    im soo sorry to hear that

    I know we have to earn money, but i couldn't possibly work at the moment, with this hypothyroidism, my job involves walking 8 miles a day and also office work,, i couldn't work as the hypothyroidism made me put on two stone and my legs couldn't cope and i had a bursitis on my hip and knee, very very painful, now having hydro therapy for both but the hypothyroidism makes me so tired and weak that i am on my back with exhaustion for two days after that as im not having a good reaction to the levo,,also i was falling asleep in the office as it made me so tired , so neither is an option at present,, i have been off for about one month, and i haven't even had a second blood test yet to check my levels.

    The health service is disgusting ,and your work expecting anyone to work when they feel as awful as one does with thyroid problems is despicable. I really hope you feel better soon and you receive some sort of understanding from your employer and find some respite somewhere in your lifexxx

  • Bless you MermaidBlues. It's all very overwhelming - I understand that. Thanks you for your love and best wishes. Reciprocated! Let's hang in there. I've spent most of the afternoon asleep and I wouldn't mind if it had made me feel even a tiny bit better - but it hasn't. Where can I find out about the blood type diet?

  • Hi Arwen,

    Thank you for your good wishes, same to you my dear!! Yes I'm tired all the time now for months…. it gets to be same old same old. 'Oh that again"!! Sad for all of us. I'm 51 and my life just slips away it seems. All plans adjusted with naps in between!!!….and as you say, not feeling better when we rise. Still we push on don't we, what else is there? I do take a B-Complex 50mg by Solgar each day(contains B12 too) and I take Magnesium 500mg at night to help with sleep by FSC. I also take Co Enzyme Q10 100mg a day by Pharma Nord ( something to do with mitochondria and the power cell within us??) and Pharma Nord's Omega 3, 6, 7 and 9 ….being of a certain age. We are all different and I get checked out by her for my general MOT!! All these vitamins cost and I don't resent the money spent but it all adds up. However, my thyroid issues do continue. I have only half lobe left and it feels like it most days. I read yesterday that normal thyroid hormones don't even go through the digestive process so that alone can be a problem with synthetic hormones too and absorption issues. (Sometimes I just feel like screaming with not understanding and not being helped except by my Mum and my kiniesiologist! It is all so bamboozling and everyone seems to contradict each other. Take iodine, don't take iodine. Take selenium for antibody help , don't take selenium for rashes. My head could spin for the world with all the info that I don't fully understand!! My kiniesioligist checks out the best companies. I know that they all profess to be that!!But I do trust her. She helped me get rid of internal parasites after going to India and also has helped me with many other issues. Thanks for your important chat here. Regarding the Dr. Peter J. D. D'Adamo Just look online ok , for the blood type diet and the book 'Eat right for your type' is great, listing all foods that are good for our blood type.Also, I work with a kiniesiologist who believes in all this. There is a book for blood type and 'Chronic Fatigue' too and also one for' Allergies'. I have both right now. We all need someone we can trust out of all the deluge of info out there. I wish you all the best.It has helped me. I hope it maybe can help you too. Best wishes.

  • There is also an internet- 'Thyroid Summit' going on at the moment. It's going on all this week starting today and for a whole week 2nd to 9th June some good insights will be given. It only costs £28. or $47 to have all the audio and video and info for loads of information, so I am going to download it all as the week goes through. Try to find it ok. I'll try to find the link.

  • The link is Thyroidsummit.com ok All the best

  • Can I just point out that I read somewhere (dunno where!!) that not only can you not access the iron in spinach it reduces your stored iron too!!

  • Thankyou

    shame as i love spinach,,,,,

    popeye obviously didn't have thyroid issues!!!!



  • And Olive Oil was probably hyperthyroid :-D

    I'm sorry you're not feeling any better Astro. Your test must be due soon and hopefully your meds will be increased.

  • Clutter you are so funny olive oil hyperthyroid pmsl x

  • Classic symptoms, Pippin. Thin, anxious, bad hair...

  • funny x

  • Mmmm just missing the thin bit myself x

  • You ain't got a boyfriend like Popeye fretting you to flinders ;)

  • You are funny!!!Thanks for making me laugh this morning. Laughter is medicine!!

  • Sleep and laughter. Free too :-D

  • Dear Clutter

    youre prob right!

    its not your fault , its my stupid body falling to bits ,,but im not used to feeling this rough,,im one of these people who loves being busy and doing stuff, and working hard, and to be reduced to this corpse like state,and moving as slow as a pensioner,and being tired all the time and feeling sick and dizzy and sweating is not fun, and not being able to eat certain foods that i normally love is driving me bezerk!!i would say Brazil nuts, as apparently those are fine to eat(i hate them).

    I know ive been asking allot of questions , but i get more answers here than my gp s who don't seem to want to deal with this, and seem relieved when i asked to be referred to a specialist as they think they can wash their hands of me..

    Im having another blood test on Friday, and is it right i must not take the levo on that morning until after the test , as my gp never said a word!!!?



  • Yes, take Levothyroxine after your test.

    There are plenty of sources of selenium other than Brazil nuts they just have less selenium than Brazils. How can you not like Brazils? i adore them.

    You can eat pretty much anything you like except soy and raw goitrogens. Cooked goiitrogens are fine.

    GPs really don't know much about thyroid disease and I'm afraid the same can be said for most endocrinologists, so please don't expect miracles. I'm sure you will feel better when you are optimally medicated.

    What's being done for your bursitis because that doesn't sound like any hypothyroid symptom I've heard of?

    I can't remember whether you've had your ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate checked? Your hip pain can be due to low or deficiency in these.

  • Thankyou Clutter

    I am having hydro for my bursitis, but the pain after is horrendous, and im so exhausted im no good for two days.I just feel dreadful on 50mg levo

    No not had any of those checked yet, blood test on friday , but i do take vit b12 and vit d supplements.

    what is folate?

    I also looked up low cortisol, and i think i could be low on that too..

    I thought endos were specialists, so should know much more than Gps


    Thankyou for that information , my GP didnt say a word!!

    You say cooked goitrogens..does cooking alter what they do to the gland?



  • Ahhh I am so sorry that everyone is suffering so. Truly. I would suggest a march in London to No. 10 (ha ha). I wish!! But, perhaps we are all too worn out to attend! (Not funny) Sad. I think that once all these symptoms are with us it is very easy to be in a state of continual stress. I am a yoga teacher (at best) and sadly sometimes even my gentle yoga practise is too much for me. I do suggest a gentle yoga class helps us to relax with all that we are and care about. I don't like to moan or complain all day but I think that our GPs perhaps can rely on our good nature and perhaps, lack of stamina and isolation that we won't be able to keep bothering them.They are also bound by legislation and fear and all sorts of beauracratic blah blah. I try to eat as healthy a diet as possible.

    Lots of veg and salads and I do eat meat, lean organic meat once a week….and fish lots of it.I am Sorry if I upset vegetarians. If I could get by as one I would but I don't do dairy, (no cows milk or cheese). I do still drink a few cups of tea a day!! (Lactose free milk in these, because soya milk is out and rice milk is too thin in tea) aghhhhhh! My last bastion of evil thyroid upsetting substance!!! Tea!! I'm sure it's good for me in other ways?!!…. but I am so upset by all of this I need a cup of tea or I want a cup of tea!!!!! I do a bit of Ewe's cheese and goats cheese as a treat and as an 'O' blood group I need lean protein. I eat according to blood type diet mainly. Dr Peter J. D. D'Adamo-online."Eat right for your type diet" With my gall bladder gone I cannot digest beans and now soy's out (one could metaphorically bang one's head against the wall in desperation). When I get sugar cravings due to imbalances and tiredness I eat dried pineapple. Good enzymes for digestion (papain) I think and satisfies sweet craving but not too bad for you. Very expensive mind and I wish I could buy a sack of it. Have you noticed since Julian Graves (wholesale kind of fruit and nuts) shop shut-Holland and Barret took over. It's sooooo expensive to buy fruit and nuts in Sainsburys. Still we are what we eat, I believe. …and we're worth it!!! With Hashimoto's, I avoid gluten as best I can and I am going to learn more hopefully this week watching thethyroidsummit.com check it out…lots of 'Experts"….we are the experts too, we live with it!! I send you all healing thoughts and I am so glad to find a caring empathic community. Thanks you So much for all your thoughts, suggestions and care. So when are we marching!!!!?????Bye for now xx

  • hello mermaid blues

    id love to be able to march..i cant even walk far,,,it takes me hours to get up and then ,,,,well you all know,,, when we are better ..

    yes we should get a petition and all sign it and send it to the govt with what we need the health service to do,,,

    hope you feel better soon, yes its a horrible condition




  • I have a multi nodule goiter; Raynauds Phenomenon; Scleroderma and recently had an anaphylactic reaction to antibiotic Amoxycillin (penicillin and clavulonic acid (from amino acid arginine). Since then I get a red face and itchy if I eat fruit because of the fructose. I have myself on a wheat free, gluten free, yeast free, fructose and sugar free diet at the moment.

    I am eating lots of onions, zucchini, choko (chayote) with white and black rice and yoghurt, tomato and onions stewed. I am using a fair bit of olive oil and a little coconut oil until I get my current hair mineral analysis back. Also Salt of the Earth celtic cell salt from health food store or on line. Pink Himalayan rock salt is good too. If I use the white sea salt granules from the supermarket I get a stiff neck or have the breathing problem. I don't know what they use to process it but my body does not like it. Also wild caught canned red salmon and some chicken.

    My body does not seem to want beef at the moment and I have trouble swallowing it, even mince, the same as toast. I have no trouble swallowing the other foods I am eating.

    From my two previous tests I would say my sodium and potassium levels are either way too low or way too high. I usually have too much calcium.

    I was eating jelly jubes which contain wheat glucose and wheat starch and gelatin with natural colours which made my tongue feel strange and then had problems filling my lungs with air. I was diagnosed with the beginnings of pneumonia and put on the Amoxycillan for 5 days. Because a follow up xray showed what the gp thought was some bronchitis he put me back on half the dose of Amoxycillan and I had the bad reaction when I took the first one. I ate a huge double choc cookie store bought probably with high fructose corn syrup or similar when I took the tablet. .

    If you read up on the autonomic nervous system you will get to the root cause of your problems.

    Get a hair mineral analysis done and it will show what minerals are out of balance in your bodies..

    I am in Australia but had a mineral hair analysis done by Trace Elements who are in the US. Unfortunately I did not follow their diet advice but gave in to my cravings for sugar and refined carbohydrates.

    I hope this will help you all on the way to recovery.

  • I forgot to add I have a poached egg every second day or so and also had cauliflower boiled or steamed and potato with no noticeable problems.

    There is a womantowoman.com article called Eating and nutrition for adrenal gland support in women. The article talks about timing meals and having inbetween snacks to avoid blood sugar plummeting too low.

    Some foods make the bottom of my legs itchy and I read that this could indicate a pre diabetic state.

    The other very good article was Autonomic Nervous System Evaluation by Dr L Wilson. (2 articles similar but with some differences).

    A hair mineral analysis will identify whether your sympathetic or parasympathetic nervous system is out of balance. Depending on the outcome you may either need more starchy foods or more protein foods. They will tell you which foods to completely avoid which will for sure be refined sugars and carbohydrates.

    I am having white rice and black rice as my body is going a lot better than it was. I am gradually increasing the amount of black rice and lessening the white rice.

  • thankyou

    much appreciated regards


  • Just want to clarify that I am eating canned wild caught (hopefully) red salmon (Woolworths Select brand in Australia) and chicken with no problems. It sort of ran in with the white rock salt affecting me and I thought that might mislead.

    I think my circadian rhythm is out of balance too, not sure if that is because of the autonomic nervous system being out of balance (or vice versa). Could be a chicken and the egg vicious cycle. I was not feeling like sleeping until 3 am to 4 am but since I have been eating differently I am now getting tired around midnight. Hopefully my circadian rhythm is coming back to normal.

  • I also meant celtic sea salt not celtic cell salt. But on the subject of cells, I use Schuessler Biochemical Tissue Salts when symptoms are indicated. Two nights in a row a few nights ago I woke up with a bad muscle cramp in my leg and took a Mag. Phos (magnesium) tablet and straight away the cramp went. Prior to that I had been feeling faint nearly every day and was taking Kali Phos (potassium) and Nat Mur (sodium) but since I had the Mag Phos that has not been happening.

    My herbalist is taking a hair sample on Wednesday to send to Trace Elements and when the results come back I will take a magnesium supplement if my levels are low on the hair test. Unfortunately the mineral analysis does not cover iodine but my first test of 3 was done in Germany and did test iodine. my levels were low to midrange but my molybdenum, vanadium, cobalt and boron were low. Unfortunately that test did not cover sulphur, sodium or potassium. Sulphur is very important for scleroderma but onions have a good supply of it.

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