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Hyperthyroid-graves disease issues.

I take 175 of levothyroxine and I am only 100 pounds. I took in uptake 123 pill about 12 years ago but still suffer from Graves disease symptoms.

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Do you have recent thyroid hormone and antibodies testing results? Maybe you are still producing hormones, or it could be that 175 is too much?


I never knew that info was available to me at testing. I have been on this dose for nearly 10 yrs. I test about 3 times a year. Everyone in here talks about there levels and I have no idea about what mine are. I am always told they will call my script in when the results come back and they will see me at my next blood draw. What questions should I be asking???


Hi undrwght

I don't know anything about hyperthyroidism or Graves but one Administrator (Marram) does have Graves and you can read her response to a question in this link:-


You can also click on her name to read her medical history.


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