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I had my test results back today.................

When I had my appointment last week I actually had all my systems written down so that I could talk through them; constant tiredness ( as though I haven't just had 8 - 9 hours sleep, constant dizzyness, feeling cold, my face,neck stomach so full of water I feel like a camel!)

Anyway; off she went with the usual 'dribble' All tests are fine. As I was so tired & she was wizzing through everything so quickly, (probably so I could really see them), although I did notice that my B12 was only 400 which she said was Fine!

I then asked if everything is fine, why do I feel like this? Well she had 2 bites of the cherry.

1. I am imagining it!!

2. I am stressed. (to which I replied, I am only stressed as I know my body is totally out of control having put 2 stone on in 12 months, when easting an extremley healthy diet as I always have......I don;t even drink alcohol!

You wouldn't book your car in at the local garage with a list of symptons, only to be told 'your imaging it' no your brakes are fine even though when you put your foot to the floor your car doesn't stop! Apart from putting yourself in great danger the garage would be fined severley & possibly struck off any mechanical register!!

Now' this is what this so called GP seems to be doing. When I mentioned the water retention again, she had the ordasity to say 'you never mentioned that'

All Gps now seem to think that we have all the time in the world to waste giving them half information to trot back & forth to justify them having a job! They seem to forget now that it is a service industry, we are not just a name or number on a spreadsheet to fill in their day.

Sorry about the rant, anyway, once I mentioned I was now going private, a warm smile seem to emulate across her face, quickly to be changed to a 'hard stare' when I asked for a copy of the blood test...........Oh I have to ask my secretary, I just said, can;t you just print it off now? Now, she said looking horrified......& there's me thinking,, it must sound like I've just asked her to 'if was here turn to clean the practices' toilets out! And there was me thinking you only have to press a little button called 'print'

I am sitting here, with thermal socks on, along with 3 layers of clothes on; my boobs are so heavy they hurting & every time I eat or drink anything my stomach seriously expands by about 2 - 3 inches. Is this 'normal' for an underactive thyroid?

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This is typical of the NHS attitude. My advice, start taking control and helping yourself as many have done with success. Write and ask for your results, you are entitled to receive these under the Data Protection Act. Then medicate accordingly. Just my personal view as someone who allowed the nhs to destroy my health for far too long.


Bloody Good Rant! I agree with Blue Daff - get those results which you are entitled to by law and post then on here ASAP - make that appointment with the private doc XX


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