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Ive had my total thyroidectomy

I put a post up last week saying that I was having my TT done monday after years of meds for hyperthyroidism there was a mixed response about it but I went with what I felt was best for me and im so pleased I did im feeling great and im being monitored very closely so far so good the pain is manageable and im only taking painkillers twice a day ive only been taken paracetamol from the beginning anyway I was up walking around an hour after I did have a drain in which im pleased they did because of they hadn't then I would of had to of had one put in anyway THANKS TO EVERYONE FOR THE ADVICE GIVEN IM VERY HAPPY WITH THE OUTCOME AND LOOKING FORWARD TO THE FUTURE ☺

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Great news, i followed your previous post and i know how unsettling some of the negative replies must have been but thank goodness you did what you felt was right for you, always the best thing to do. I wish you a speedy recovery, take care.


I'm glad you are feeling well, and happy you made the right decision for you. You had the benefit of different perspectives beforehand , to help you reach that decision, and I wish you a speedy recovery.

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Thankyou so much it was very intersesting to read other peoples perspective and its a shame that other people's experience hasn't been so good not saying that its all going to 100% perfect but im very lucky to have a good relationship with my doctors its a good understanding between us and also I never go into see them on my own I always have a family member with taking notes and listening thanks again everyone :-)


Getting rid of mine was the best thing I've ever done.

Onwards and upwards - good health awaits


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