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Selenium methionine and Total Thyroidectomy

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I've received SO much help from you all over the past couple of years! I had a total thyroidectomy 30 years ago. Didn't really have problems on t4 only until about 4 years ago, when it was discovered I have hemocromitosis and began regularly having phlebotomies which depleted the iron overload but left my ferritin levels under 50 then I began crashing because I ceased metabolizing Synthroid. I built back my ferritin level to about 70. Tried t3 only, armour ...anyway now am on Synthroid and 75 mg and t3 12 mcg a day and because of ferritin level improvement am the best I've been in 4 years. Can I process selenium methionine without a thyroid to boost my conversion of t4 to t3? Today that is really my only question. I have a new endocrinologist who I won't return to until mid June. I may have more questions after labs then. I love the way you all take care of each other through this site and am so grateful to have found you.

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The question is valid for me as well, and and fundamental reasons behind the answer escapes me but I know that yes, Se after TT is relevant into peripheral conversion of T4 into T3.

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Thank you for your feedback. So just to be clear, it's helpful to take selenium even though I've had a total thyroidectomy...

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Caesard in reply to rouser

Correct, Se and Zn. Pls see here:

rouser ,

I had TT a few years less than yourself . I supplement with selenium for many years and it helps with conversions . I take T4 with NDT for my T3 mix .

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Dear jgelliss,

Do you take it along with thyroid meds or at about 4 hours apart? Thanks for sharing.

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Caesard in reply to rouser

If you'd ask me I'd say everything (meds) must be at least two hours apart from the levo/combo

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rouser in reply to Caesard

thank you again. Read through the research on the effect of selenium and zinc in conversion. wow

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jgelliss in reply to rouser


I take it as a matter of fact together with my thyroid meds in the morning on an empty stomach . It's the only vitamin I would take with my thyroid meds . It's been working very well for me . All the other vitamins I would suggest to keep 4 hours away from thyroid meds . Especially Calcium and Iron .

Best Wishes .

Selenium is essential to the conversion of T4 into active T3. The conversion takes place in many places of the body to include the liver, the guts, kidneys, the heart, even the muscles.

Caesard, I tried selenium initially for a time but in me it effected no help. With the proper ferritin level I have no conversion issues, thus that type of supplementation is of no consequence in my metabolism..but ferritin being sustained at 70 is everything.

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