Recently diagnosed with over active thyroid

For some time I had been unwell and GP organised various tests to try to diagnose the problem. From the blood test he identified I had over active thyroid.

He prescribed 20mg carbimazole and an urgent appointment with consultant. Three weeks later I have heard from the consultant by letter to confirm that he confirms GP has put me on right medication , I will be having a MRI and see him in due course.

I am feeling slightly better now after 3 weeks on tablets. But today I have a very sore throat rang GP for advise and I was advised to stop medication and to have a blood test in the morning to check white cells. I am now quite panicky about sure throat and stopping medication....

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  • That's standard advice if you're on carb. However, the chances are you just have a bog standard sore throat and you'll be back on the meds very shortly and feeling fine. Try not to worry about it.

  • Trust your GP, he's looking after you well and is making sure your sore throat isn't a precursor to thyroid storm which is a medical emergency.

    Ask whether he will test your ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate as you're having blood draw tomorrow. Having these high in range can make a beneficial difference to well being and ability to fight infection.

    Make sure to ask for a print out of all blood tests with laboratory ref ranges so you can monitor your own thyroid health and post here if you have questions.

    i hope all's well tomorrow.

  • They will test your white blood cells. Carbimazole can affect them. If the sore throat is caused by the carb they can try you with PTU - if it isn't the carb causing the problem then your GP will probably say to go back onto the carb.

    I had one blood test not long after I started my carb but it was fine. I felt ok and I didn't have mouth ulcers dr anything other than the throat / swollen glands but it was coming up to a long holiday and I wasn't sure about 'waiting and seeing'

    I know it is difficult but try not to worry too much.

  • I would like to say a big thank you for your support last week.

    I had a blood test, and it showed that my white cells had gone up slightly since last test but still within the normal range. My sore throat disappeared after a few days. Now back on medication. I have been on carbimazole for 4 weeks now and I feel so much better. I am now back to work, heart pounding, panic attacks and lack of confidence has gone . I have a MRI on the thyroid soon followed by an appointment with the consultant.

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