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Removed From Consultant 's List

Three years ago after problems with Levo my GP referred me to a consultant who put me on a private prescription for armour. For 2 and half years I regularly attended appointments. However I have had to cancel and reschedule my latest appointment (combination of ill health and the GP being unable to do the blood test). I did miss the latest appointment (honest mistake). I received a letter saying that the consultant has removed me from his list. Anyone else been sacked by their doctor - how do I get my Armour prescription?

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Write to the endo, apologise and explain how you came to miss the appointment, offer to pay for the missed appointment and ask for him/her to reinstate you on their list.


I think it's just a paper exercise Jadkala but you might have to go back to your GP to get referred again.

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I agree with Clutter. I had a number of mishaps happen once and I received a similar note. I would call the clinic and apologize. If you only missed one appointment without notice, I don't see why they would refuse you service. Ask them to look at your record.


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