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tSH KEEPS RISING need help

I had TT in 2002 been on 200 MCG majority of the years. 6 months ago started feeling really bad. Had angio adema from lisinopril, heart rate and bp were out of control, leg cramps, always have to be near toilet when I eat . My tsh six weeks ago was 18 ( I was on 100 MCG) them they raised it to 125mcg and I found out today it is 21.3 what to do

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You need more blood tests to find out what is wrong. It is no good doctors relying on the TSH test only. I expect you are not converting very well and need some T3 but cannot be sure without tests for free T4, free T3 and TSH. Are you seeing an endocrinologist or just your GP? The latter will know very little, as all they do is read what the lab tells them. Ask for a referral to an endo who can give you proper care and some T3 if necessary. Hope you get help soon.


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