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I was diagnosed with an under active thyroid 4 years ago, although I had not been feeling well for about 4 years before that. My problems began soon after my lovely mother in law died after a long illness. This was then followed two years later by the suicide of my husband, which i witnessed and i have been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. My blood tests for my thyroid come back fine, and I have had scans and all sorts that show nothing sinister, but I still don't feel right. My temperature seems to be on the low side between 35.5 and 36.1. Could it be adrenal fatigue and where do i start regarding treatment?

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So very sorry to hear of your tragic losses. The impact of this and the diagnosis of PTSD should not detract from seeking answers to your health issues although it's reasonable to assume an experience like this can contribute. Many people on here will say their thyroid issues began after a traumatic event or acute illness - even childbirth. It's anecdotal evidence but there are many that say something like this can kick start an autoimmune response.

Do you have copies of all your blood test results? That would be my first step to ask for printouts with the reference ranges and post them on here for more advice.

It is your right to be given this information so your surgery should not object - just be firm you want them.

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I'm sorry to read about your losses. As editfmrt suggests, access your blood results and post the results and lab ranges here. With my day job hat on though, I'm asking if you have had support to address and resolve your PTSD? Not everyone that experiences trauma, is affected by it long term, but if you are experiencing problems now, related to those events, you could benefit greatly by therapy. :-)


I am so sorry to hear of your losses, I am convinced that a similar chain of events - not quite as drastic - kicked my thyroid problems in - you are probably looking at lots of adrenal stuff although I am only speaking from my own experience. Do get those results so you can have a good look at them - you need paper copies! XX


I can only agree with what has already been written-many many of us on here were declared to have "normal" results by Doctors which we know from patient experience and good Doctors need Thyroid treatment. If you get results and post them up you will get advice. My thyroid and adrenal problems started after a combination of virus and traumatic event.


I'm very sad to learn of these awful events - I too experienced severely traumatic life events in a short space of time (a few years ago) and the endo feels that these may have sparked off adrenal issues. I'm waiting to have a synacthen test which tests levels of cortisol, so this may the way forward for you too.

My endo is adamant that this particular test is the 'gold standard' and that saliva tests are inappropriate and inaccurate (this is the typical NSH stance). You may, however, decide to try the saliva test, but it is unlikely that an NHS endo would accept the results. You may have to go private, unfortunately.

I hope you find the right way ahead. Do keep us posted.


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