Sometimes it pays to be persistant

Hi All,

I put a post on here a few weeks ago to try to get some answers re thyroid tests. I got my test results and the GP who ordered then had said no further action needed. I was not happy with this and after receiving a few posts from other site users I decided to make an appointment with a different GP today and guess what?!!! I have got an under active thyroid which my GP believes is caused by a problem with my pertuitary gland. So finally some answers and hopefully a solution soon after more rounds of tests. Don't give up everyone if you are not satisfied ask at least for an explanation or get a second opinion.

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Hi, did he tell you why/how your lab was indicating a pituitary issue?

well done you , persistence together with the correct information and knowledge really does work and your case just proves my theory ...... keep going , maybe someday WE will all get there ......alan x

I agree.and I am not giving up .will keep persevering with dr s until I get the answers and diagnoses even after almost 3 years of battling.they need to acknowledge symptoms nto only bloods as they all do now.

Well done :-)

I shifted doctors cos I was not happy with what I was hearing and I am glad I did not put up with it anymore, I am moving forward now.

Well done you! I hope you get treated and feel better soon!

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