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can some one tell me ..what test you have to see if you have Graves

I had a test that came back saying 'positive ths receptor for antibodies compatible wirg Graves'I picked the results up today I spoke to my doctor last thursday he never said anthing about Graves just telling me he had a been told to give me 20mg of carba day ..I am so confused ?? does this test mean I have Graves or not ..Please some one help

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20mg Carbimazole is to treat Graves Disease = OVER active thyroid


Your gp should have explained and then referred you to an endo. Phone your gps and ask for an explanation or complain. You sound over active pls post your blood results so we can help further.


My GP told me I had a very overactive thyroid with antibodies but I wasn't told I had Graves until I saw the endo's registrar or senior houseman or something like that and I don't think he would have told me if I hadn't said to him 'what , you mean like Graves?' If response to something he said. He looked surprised then pointed at me and said 'Yes, Graves, that's what you've got, Graves'

I started on 20mcg and after a month on that had more blood tests and my dose got a letter from my endo (who I hadn't seen at this point) telling me to raise my dose to 40 mcg then after another two months on that I had levothyroxine added as well (block and replace) I had my thyroid Peroxidase antibodies tested at the beginning along with TSH and T4 - T3 never done though.

Sounds like you are maybe booked in to see an endocrinologist and that is who has told your GP to give you the 20mcg carb to start you off - I waited about three months before I got to see an endo. Hope that's some help.


It certainly sounds from that lab comment that you have graves. My GP told me I had graves and printed me off some info to read a bit more about it. No doubt you will have to have another blood test in the next couple of weeks, so can you not ask him for more info then or as him when you will be referred to an Endo.


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