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can you get enlarged hands and feet from anything other than acromegaly?or is acromegaly always to do with pituitary

Just been released from hospital had MRI no pituitary tumor, bloods all good have very obvious increase in size of hands and feet in last year since having a thyroidectomy for multiple nodules, diverticulitis twice and fibroids removed from uterus.I feel lousy with tingling in my feet and hands and vision problems. My CEA is 8.9, normal less than three but was checked for everything last year and nothing was found.

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Great relief that there's no tumour but great shame you have no diagnosis. Personally,if I can put a name to what ails me,I find it easier to accept. I do hope you get some answers soon.


me too thx


Thanks for reply. Yes definite growth from size 35 shoe to 37 plus left foot 2+1/2 cm bigger than right since last september hands also remarkably different rings still fit both tingling all the time and more so when resting or trying to sleep


See if this makes any sense

Enlarged hands and feet - not always Acromegaly


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