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HELP - just come back from seeing a new GP

I just want to express my thanks to those who contributed so knowledgeably to my recent question posted on this site. I am also dismayed that the thread was used in such a disrespectful and insensitive way.

I think that I need to have an open and frank discussion with my new GP. After all, whilst I don't want to promote brittle bones or heart disease, I certainly do I wish to return to the ill health that I endured before my meds were set at their current level.

Thank you to (almost) all who took the time to respond.

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Please ask anytime you have a query. It is only very occasionally that a thread runs along the wrong lines. We want to be educated to recover our health and each person's viewpoint can be very helpful.


It was not your fault at all.

Please come back to us once you have been to your GP.



I have read somewhere that the brittle bones and heart disease (supposedly caused by too much thyroxine) are myths. Apparently you are more likely to get heart problems if you are under-medicated for hypothyroidism. Also the brittle bones/osteoporosis link has been long since superseded/discredited by more recent research. Obviously it's bad for people if they go completely over the top and end up hyper but adequately medicated people (i.e. those whose symptoms are relieved by taking enough of the right medication) should be OK.


thanks eeng :)


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