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Anyone late 50s and NOT got thyroid problems-How do you feel?

Just wondered how it feels to be in your late 50s-female and not suffering from thyroid problems. I sometimes blame every symptom on my hypothyroidism and am now thinking -is it just getting old? Feeling tired, unable to drink even smallish amounts of alcohol-feeling dizzy/light headed so .alcohol makes this worse.

If you know of anyone who is 'normal' out there please let us know how you are generally so we can get an idea of what is just the ageing process and what is vit/mineral deficiency etc. !

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Hee heeeee! I used to blame it all on my pituitary until 20 years ago my thyroid went bonkers! Age makes a great excuse for slight insanity, though.


You may be asking this question to the wrong audience :)


Finding the optimal treatment should have you feeling good. Do not blame your age as late 50's is still YOUNG :-)


58 and doing well. Today I have cycled to work, done a full day's work, cycled home via the shops, cooked the dinner and am thinking about doing an hour in the garden when I've drunk this cup of tea. Oh, and I have a streaming cold as well!

I went out last night and will be out Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. We'll probably get a walk in over the weekend as well - we usually do 7 or 8 miles at a time.

I have been to hell and back with this condition, I've been at the stage where I needed a rest when I'd walked DOWN the stairs, when I was overweight, when I lost half my hair and my teeth started to crumble. I was diagnosed with all sorts before I diagnosed myself thanks to forums like this and pressed for treatment.

Levothyroxine has been a miracle drug for me. I now feel like a person who does not have a thyroid problem.


Wow-how encouraging.!Thanks for that-Nice to hear something positive-have you any recommendations for vitamin supplements?


Behind all that is a nine year struggle to get a diagnnosis and treatment. I still have no diagnosis, but at least I have treatment! The one thing I have done is ensure that my vitamin B12, folate, vitamin D and ferritin are optimal. With ferritin at 102 I am a completely different person to who I was when it was 16, even though at 16 (15-150) I was assured by an endo that it was "Low normal. No action required."


Interesting-just been told I also am low ferritin-19-23 range. I find iron supps have side effects for me but will research mild supplements. I suspected my levels were low. Vit D also low but B12 ok-however another lesson for us all. See a herbalist/naturopath for a more accurate picture.'Our lives in their hands.........'


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