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Overactive Thyroid

Hello I am newly diagnosed with an overactive Thyroid & wondered does anyone know if there is a diet that can help this condition?

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A lot of people recommend going gluten free or the Paleo Diet which is pretty much the same (I think) I have to say going GF is my ambition but I am so weak willed I haven't quite managed it yet.


Which bit are you struggling with? I mainly missed having a beer in the pub. :-)


Finding a decent GF bread - GF bread always seems to taste kind of sweet I haven't found one that tastes like 'real bread', it isn't that I eat a lot of bread either.

I miss fruit scones, there isn't really a substitute. I've got quite a few cake / brownie recipes that are good though but when I'm in a garden centre and see a nice fat, fluffy looking fruit scone I can't resist.

Can imagine how you feel about going into a pub and not being able to have a beer though - what do you have instead?


Well, I have gf beer at home and eventually after six months of being very strictly gf (and seeing no improvements) I decided the minute amounts of gluten in an occasional pub beer would be okay. (I appreciate that this is a luxury not everyone can enjoy.) I don't like cider, I like red wine but it isn't a session drink (and you talk to people with your horrible grey teeth all night) so in the end I decided to compromise. It is a work in progress. :-)

I haven't tried to make scones but I reckon it would be worth a try, esp since they don't want to be chewy and glutinous. Have you tried the Dove's Farm gf flour mix? I found that adding sorghum flour is very good for a wheatflour texture and a very neutral flavour.

I know what you mean about bread. I find the Genius seeded loaf and rolls to be acceptable for a sandwich but if you're a real bread fiend they're a poor imitation.

I used to bake all my own sourdough bread so I fancied myself a good candidate for gf bread baker of the year, but I never had even a modicum of success. :-(


Our neighbour swears by French beer - says regular beer affects his asthma, something to do with the hops - but the French stuff ( and Peroni!) is fine Is it my imagination or have I read somewhere that sourdough is ok to treat on a GF diet? I am sure I read that but I can't see how.

Yes I use Doves Farm flour. I made a wonderful apple and blackberry crumble at the weekend (I was catering for an event - GF lunch for twenty people - I have one person who is coeliac but I do everything GF which makes a lovely change for her not to have to bother checking everything she eats - everything in the buffet was GF- anyway I used the flour rubbed into some butter then added soft brown sugar, some well chopped up hazelnuts and I got some German or US (not sure which ) guaranteed gluten free oats which I took along with me and spoke about to the person who is coeliac and was then able to add to the mix. It was very good crumble. :-)


Well sadly gluten in sourdough is still gluten :-( though some may say that the fermentation makes it easier to digest? or something?

Your crumble sounds superb! If you have a go at gf scones, let me know how you get on. I've half a mind to try myself now you've put the idea in my head. :-)

If you're interested in reading about it, there are some good posts and videos about gf flour ratios and various bread info on this blog (and the comments on this post look helpful too: glutenfreegirl.com/2011/02/...

I never got the hang of it myself but some day I may go back and try again.


Wheat free, ditch caffeine, cut down on booze, gentle yoga exercise while poorly, relaxation so massage and acupuncture plus I found LowFod Map and anti-immune Paleo really helpful xx


Thanks everyone Wheat free makes sense. Going to Google the Paleo diet nowxx


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