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I am thinking about adding t3 I am getting nowhere with my endo who's saying I'm in range with a tsh if 6.71 in my recent posts you can see how desperately ill I feel my life is a mess brain fog neusea constant joint pain headaches stomach pains my thyroid is painful constantly the tierdness all day is constant they said they have done all the test the will do I am under a doctor for my stomach problems they thick it's irritable bowel as I've gone from chronic constipation to loose stools everyday they increased my meds from 100mg to 125mg a day but this seems to make the stools worse and some days I get chest pains how do I know what to buy and were my health care will not prescribe t3 and I cannot afford much private consultations i live in Nottinghamshire I have gone from a active happy go lucky a bit manic at times to a near vegetable with no hope for the future help!!!!!!!!!

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Seeing a post like yours makes me FUME with rage. My daughter was in the same situation with soooooo many symptoms, "normal" blood tests results, and was sent away distraught and patronised from the GP's office again and again, so finally we took charge of her health ourselves.

I know you state that your finances are limited, so can I suggest that you spend some money on this book - "Healing is possible", by Dr. Neil Nathan. My daughter and I are currently in California seeing Dr. Nathan, having read his book in which he explains the relationship between the thyroid, gut problems, biotoxins of all kinds, the use of T3, and so on. The tests he has carried are ALL available in the UK, but none of them were carried out by the NHS. He has identified the reasons for my daughter's thyroid failure - it was caused by inflammation of the pituitary gland because of numerous biotoxins in her body leading to thyroid, adrenal and sex hormone disruption. The book and his enlighted approach to diagnosis and treatment have been a revelation to us. I urge you to read his book (available on Amazon through the TUK website). Jane x


I'm wondering if things would be improved with a special order levo, such as the one from Martindales.... it contains T4 and just one other filler. Your problems may be coming from all the other c**p that they put in the tablets... just a thought...

If you would like info on this, drop me an email...

We also have a list of Endos who are known to be a bit more open-minded....




I had a lot of those symptoms for years and can empathise. I have recently gone gluten free and feel SO much better. I don't have that pain in my guts for the first time in memory, since I was about 10! The bloating is gone, my bowel function is vastly improved, the brain fog has lifted (mostly, since I just mistyped fog as gof three times there, lol!), I have more energy, I am less irritable...........Worth a try if you aren't gf already.


My GP recommended trying to go gluten free for my huge constipation issues and I must say it has worked like a dream. I am hypothyroid and on 100mg of Levothyroxine which is giving me trouble but digestively I have never felt better.


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