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Have increased my dose of t3, GP concerned, any advice please?

Hi All,

Had a TT 4 wks ago for cysts an unexpected malignancy in left lobe, equivocal histology (specimen sent for further examination) hence prescribed t3 in the short term in case I need RAI. Prescribed 20mcg twice a day, by 2 weeks had to bring second dose forward as wave of overwhelming tiredness would hit about 4pm, would just fall asleep at the table once at the wheel of a car. Have now added in 10mcg(1/2tab) about 2pm them take 20mcg at 7pm. I take my morning dose around 7 am.

Had to get repeat script from GP as hospital appointment not til next week, another saga, but 2GP's scratched heads and said 'we have no knowledge,' 'we don't prescribe this normally' therefore unhappy I had independantly upped dose. I have been monitoring heart rate, no resting tachycardia, no tremor or anything else.

Any advice would be helpful, don't want to damage myself but do want to try and regain some energy.

Ps have not had any bloods taken so cannot post results.

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Good morning. Others will post more knowledgeably but I just wanted to wish you well and hope things settle down.

My GP said the same thing and I've been registered with them for 25 yrs and 8 yrs hypothyroid when I registered with the practice so you would have thought they'd read up on it by now lol ;-)

Good luck


Well, both gp's could try looking up Liothyronine in their handbook, the British national formulary. It gives dosing instructions in there. You can go to the bnf online, register for free and print off the instructions.... Here is what it says about dosage...........


Dose By mouth, initially 10–20 micrograms daily gradually increased to 60 micrograms daily in 2–3 divided doses; elderly smaller initial doses; child, adult dose reduced in proportion to body-weight

By slow intravenous injection, hypothyroid coma, 5–20 micrograms repeated every 12 hours or as often as every 4 hours if necessary; alternatively initially 50 micrograms then 25 micrograms every 8 hours reducing to 25 micrograms twice daily. (


The late afternoon slump rather suggests struggling adrenals..... T3 is supposed to be very hard on adrenals. Maybe you needs lots of b vits and vitamin c... Or some nutri adrenal extra? Or may take an adrenal saliva test? About £80 from Genova.......


Just to add to the good information galathea has written, if you ever get T3 from the USA, their leaflets say a normal adult dosage for mild hypothyroidism is 25 - 75mcg daily. Personally I suspect this is because they make 25mcg pills and not 20mcg pills.

You're taking 70mcg and that's within the normal USA values for mild hypothyroidism and you've had a complete TT. So personally I wouldn't be worried about what you're currently taking, as long as you have no symptoms of going overactive. Just speak to your consultant about it when you see him/her.

I don't know about thyroid cancer, I'm assuming that a malignant node is thyroid cancer? In those cases I believe that enough medication should be taken so that the TSH is suppressed? Perhaps that is something someone with more knowledge can comment on.


Totoro xx

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This is a link re T3 which may be helpful.

The best way to know if a dose suits you is 'how do you feel'. If o.k. then carry on. If it was too much I believe you would get unpleasant sensations.


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