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Hello All, your advice about my dizzy old man!!

We diagnosed my husband with hypo with a private blood test and clinical symptoms - his T4 is very low. For a couple of years he has been having "funny turns" - almost faints, and says he feels his chest "welling up". We had to ask for a chair in Lidl's yesterday. Do we think that this is hypo related or something else completely? He is 65 and last time he had his blood pressure done a few weeks ago it was OK, and he has recently had a "well man" check up which was also OK. Any ideas???

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Is your husband on medication for hypo? Maybe he should have his heart checked also.


Thanks shaws

I have rung the surgery and asked for his recent blood results from February - she said she would ask the Dr to make sure it was alright to have them - hopefully they did a Vit B 12 test which may be the culprit - I have got him on nutri Thyroid at the moment. His Mum had pernicious anemia prior to developing her thyroid problems. Thanks for your reply.


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