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Worried, mammogram tomorrow, should all hospitals have guard?


I have chronic metabolism/fatigue issues and I am scared it will make things worse.

Should all hospitals have at thyroid guard?? Dont won't to delay mammo if they don't have one.

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Maybe they do have one on the machine itself. I have never thought of it before. You can ask and they may have one.

I hope all goes well for you tomorrow and you're not too nervous.

Hi There is something to hold as I have falls. It is a very low dose exposure. I have had many , well worth it ,if it saves your life.


I have had many scans in the past mammograms, MRI, Bone Density but i can honestly say I have never heard of a thyroid guard !

I have hypothyroidism & hypoparathyroidism, I have never had any ill effects.

Hope all goes well for you & the results are all good. Jillymo

It's just I saw another discussion on this site about it and have just given myself something else to worry about now!

Hi All,

Just want to say had mamo yesterday and said I was Hypo and did they have a Thyroid Protection Collar and lo and behold out one was produced from the cupboard!!

So I know this is only low dose but when you feel this bad and have had so many xray's mri's etc...well I don't want anything making me feel worse.

So .....they wouldn't keep a lead lined collar for Thyroid Protection in the cupboard for nothing would they?


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