Dehydration and electrolytes

My 27 year old daughter suffers from severe dehydration that results in her muscles becoming painful. She has plenty of mineral water to drink during the day, uses salt in cooking and urine is pale in colour.

She is mainly both gluten-free and dairy-free and cooks pretty much everything from scratch. For years she's suffered from an IBS type complaint which the NHS Consultant diagnosed as depression, I kid you not.

I'm wondering whether there is something else going on such as lacking in certain nutrients etc., GPs have been useless. Would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.

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  • can you afford to get some private blood tests done through Blue Horizon?

  • That would be left to me to pay for crimple! She already thinks I've lost the plot, spend too much time on health forums and argue with the NHS - so why would she trust me??? Lol

  • Is she hypothyroid? What do you mean by severe dehydration? if her urine runs clear doesnt that mean shes hydrated?

  • No, not hypo but gets incredibly thirsty. She says her urine is clear.

  • Unless she is not drinking or is losing fluid through very severe vomiting or diahorrea it is not dehydration. How did she get this diagnosis I would get a second opinion and report the gp who told her this, it is more likely the pains are are related to something else my daughter had severe muscle pains and it seems to have been a side effect of her anti depressant, she is taking a lower dose now and the pains have gone

  • She feels constantly thirsty and she's assuming it's to do with electrolytes. Not been to a GP and won't having been let down in the past.

  • She is not dehydrated. She may be drinking too much water. We have been sold the myth by the bottled water industry that we need to drink something like 2 litres of water per day; this is entirely made up and no evidence exists for this. She may in fact be drinking too much water and causing her electrolyte levels to deplete A fairly large amount of the fluid we ingest each day comes from incidentals like fruit and vegetables.

    She should monitor urine colour : darker in the morning, becoming lighter during the day as she re-hydrates

  • I do agree with you about drinking too much, I have personal experience of this. It makes the kidneys work harder. Urine always pale apparently.

  • Not disagreeing with you in any way about ovrr-hydrating, but I was very interested to be told that I personally require 3 litres a day! This was a surprise result which came out when I had a haemorrhagic stroke last year. I've always been a thirsty/run-to-the-loo sort, and was diagnosed as borderline diabetes insipidus when I had a water a deprivation test a few years ago now, but 50% more input than most does make me a drinkoholic...

  • Does she use unrefined sea salt? This is a link - not to buy the book but for info:-

  • Ah, that's a very good point. Will tell her about this.

  • Yeah I would suggest getting bloods done if possible including vitamin d. I had severe muscle pains and it was due to low vitamin d. Feeling much better after a loading dose and maintaining that. May not be that for her though.

  • cut the mineral water and go for plain old tap water I read somewhere that the minerals in bottled water can leave one thirsty

  • Her nutritionist reckoned that mineral water was better than tap. Who knows!

  • Adrenal problems can cause this, it upsets the electrolyte balance. I have low cortisol, I drink 2 to 3 litres of mineral water a day, my skin, and scalp is very dry and scaly. My arms and face feel like sandpaper, and the skin sloughs off easily. I wash in doublebase prescribed, but still really dry. I constantly feel thirsty. I have PA and dry skin follows that too, but for me it's definitely adrenals.

  • That's interesting. Poor you suffering with dry skin, not nice.

  • It's worth reading up on, but don't expect anything from the NHS ;-)

  • Constantly thirsty - sounds like diabetes?

  • My muscle pain has improved by taking a magnesium supplement. I've also read that a magnesium deficiency can cause cravings for salt. It's quite common for people to be deficient in this mineral.

  • Interesting Yana, we are looking into Magnesium for muscle pain, I had salt cravings, now not so bad since Levo got upped, but interesting that it may also connect as I have read that salt craving were also connected with very low adrenal levels.

  • It's possible. Bear in mind Magnesium is good for adrenal fatigue because it calms the body down. It's one of natures tranquilizers.

  • Even more interesting :) Thank Q Yana, I will try to remember that one. Off to buy some mega magnesium on line, though bit of a minefield out there as to which type, amount and dosage to buy. :)

  • Topsie

    These symptoms are familiar to me. My experience suggests parasites could be a cause, or contibuter, as could yeast infection - not necessarily candida - a good herbalist is probably the best root to uncovering these problems and erradicating them. The possibility of metal toxicity or allergic reaction also comes to mind and especially if there are amalgam fillings - but beware it is absolutely essential to see a dentist who uses the right protocol for removing amalgam and replacing fillings with a composite so read all you can first. Other possible sources of metal toxicity can be found via Google.

    Symptoms referred to as IBS, yeast overgrowth, parasitic infections and under functioning thyroid galnd and /or adrenal glands go hand-in-hand with systemic metal toxicity - it really is worth checking this out. A homeopath or a therapist using some form of electrical resistance testing such as Vega, could test for metal toxicity but so could a knowledgeable dentist.

  • I also suffer with dehydration and restless legs at night. I even have night sweats that don't help. I am thirsty all the time and need to drink over 2 litres a day or have headache and feel really tired. I have been tested for diabetes but it comes back as normal so i would be interested to know if you find anymore information out.

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