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Weight gain?

Recently diagnosed with hypo. Been put on eutirox base dose until I see endocrinologist shortly. Also have heart failure. Caught a few posts re weight gain. PLEASE don't tell me I may put on weight with this condition and medication. I struggle anyway as I can't exercise because of the heart failure which is now verging on severe. I have struggled to lose about 3 stones and really don't want to put any back on!

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Weight gain is not always a consequence. You have to be given enough thyroid gland meds to bring you to an optimum level where you feel well. Some doctors keep their patients' TSH 'within range' and that isn't always best for patients and weight gain can happen.

From now on, always get a copy of your thyroid gland medication blood tests, with the ranges, for your own records and post if you have a query. When you have a blood test, do not take your medication before it, take it afterwards. Have your test as early as possible as that's when your TSH is highest.If you haven't already had a Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate blood test ask for them to be done.


Thanks. I really can't bear the thought of putting the weight back on. Even having lost the 3 stones I am still too heavy for my wellbeing and my self esteem. I will take your comments on board re tests.


Loosing 3st is a great achievement. It isn't easy. So easy to put on so hard to loose. Give yourself a big pat on the shoulder. If you managed to do that while possibly hypothyroid things should be easier when you are on optimum treatment. Good luck.

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I am hypo and I find I have struggled with weight gain for years. When I was younger, with dedication and hard work, I would loose weight. Now older, despite eating less than before, I am overweight. My friend's endocrinologist told her to accept that she would always be overweight now that she was in her 60's and hypo!

So, I have stopped worrying as I am in my 70's. However, instead, I walk more and eat a healthy diet with the occasional treat. With that attitude, I feel the burden has been lifted from my shoulders. Find your own comfort zone and then relax and enjoy life.


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