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Really worried about my job/money


I am feeling really bad with all my Hypo symptoms again and just can't face work or I am having to leave early as it just washes me out! I am so so tired I can barely move let alone work. I am waiting to see an Endo and hoping to be put back on my levo (GP taken me off of it as not convinced I have Hypo even though it helped me lots!!?).

I am self-employed so don't get paid if I don't work!!

If this is ongoing does anyone know if you can go on the sick with this? (obviously im hoping I will be better soon!)

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In my opinion you need to self treat and stuff your stupid GP

Theres plenty of sites to obtain thyroxine or t3 or NDT

At the end of the day its how you feel not how your GP stupidly interprets your results

get copies of the results inc reference ranges and post them here

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Thanks, I have thought about that.. but how do you know what you are buying online is safe?! Im waiting to see and endo so don't want to rock the boat or take anything in the next 3 weeks... just worried long term!! I hope they agree to giving me more levo!

im borderline.. put my result on here previously. also low in B12 - which im now taking once a day and folate and ferritin, which I can not take!!


Appreciate your concern but there are safe sites ....i will pm you


Could you pm me the sites to reallyfedup123. Sorry for high jacking the post x


ok, thanks :-)


have you tried to PM me yet? x


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