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I.m a follower of hashmotos support on facebook some people are a joke.

So i.m a follower of hashys support on fb and someone asked a question about getting out of jury duty because of her illness and people was having a go at her cause of this . As you know each person will be different with this condition but shes asking for help and the responses where a joke . While been on this site everyone as been really helpfull and have never come across anything like that on here making you feel so bad i felt awful for the woman who asked. recommended this site to loads of people i know who has thyroid problems and have found it helpful.

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The motto should be 'if you cannot say something nice' say nothing at all.

As you state we are all at different levels of ill-health so there's no need not to be supportive to another person.

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Exactly and i made that comment on there just couldn.t believe what i was reading .


I have just read those comments. So unbelievable nasty! And so ignorant!!! x


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