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Medication after a hemithyroidectomy?


I had a hemithyroidectomy on Monday to remove a lump in my thyroid. Since then I've been feeling quite anxious. This is understandable due to stress/ shock / I'm waiting for results to come in next week. However I wondered whether anyone has ended up taking medication after a hemi ?

My surgeon said she really didn't think I would need any however I don't think my blood has even be tested for thyroid hormone levels post op?!



(My hemithyroidectomy adventure-

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Do you have any symptoms other than anxiety? Give it a couple of weeks and see how you feel after you have had the results. It's quite understandable that you would feel anxious at the moment. If you start to develop hypothyroid symptoms over the next 2-4 weeks (there's a list on this site somewhere) then your GP will do a blood test for you. Get it done first thing in the morning (you don' have to fast beforehand) and post the results here.



You can get thyroid hormones 'dumped' during surgery, so your anxiety could be caused by extra hormone from the op but this will decrease over time.

My mum and sister both had hemithyroidectomies and neither (so far) need any additional hormone. Just keep an eye on your symptoms.



Thanks for the replies. Anxiety aside I would say I feel normal - i dont seem to be excessively tired or cold.

I guess I'll see how I go over the next few weeks ...


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