Has anyone gone paleo and had good results?

I've read a lot of articles supporting a paleo lifestyle for autoimmune conditions (I have hashi's).

I've read into the theory about how gluten and dairy can cause us health problems and even though it doesn't seem to be medically backed, it has struck a chord with me.

Has anyone switched to a paleo lifestyle and noticed improvement s in their overall health. I'm going to start this from Monday, completely cutting dairy and gluten out and wondered what people's thoughts/experiences are.

Thanks :-) x

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Also... If anyone has but out dairy, what do you drink instead of milk? As obviously soya products aren't recommended for people with thyroid disorders.

I eat almost no dairy, occasionally a bit of butter but that's about it. No milk, no yoghurt. My Pilates teacher who is also a qualified physiotherapist was saying that what we need for strong bones is vitamin D and K not dairy food. That suits me. My husband, who has no thyroid problems, had eczema and asthma which has pretty much disappeared since he stopped taking cows milk - he uses either soya, oat or rice milk depending on which is cheapest in the supermarket and will have soya yoghurts and the odd latte outside which is probably made from cows milk.

Good luck with the paleo diet, I'd love to have the self discipline to do that properly. :-)

Hi Fruitandnutcase, thanks for the reply. Sorry for the delay in replying, had some form of gastroenteritis so been away from my laptop, also means I haven't get had a chance to change what I'm eating yet. I have read that Paleo is also good for endometriosis (seems all linked to me!) and so it's definitely something I'm going to pursue. Yes! That's what I've been reading, Vitamin K and D, seems like it wouldn't be too hard to get this into my diet. That is great about your husband, just goes to show. I might have to have rice/ almond milk for a milk substitute as soya is a no-no for us thyroid sufferers. Thanks, I'm excited to try it. I've been reading up so much on autoimmune disorders and gluten and I'm convinced that that's a main cause of them, I just know it's going to be hard! Will let you know how I get on :-) x

I did the same thing that you are planning to do, for about a week about a year or two ago. I felt diabolical - really, really awful! I asked on here recently for ideas as to why this happened because I still want to make changes to my diet but was rather scared about how I might feel. I was told that the way I had felt was most likely to have been caused by withdrawal symptoms.

Perhaps you could cut out one thing at a time? Stop dairy first, then gluten a month or two later or vice versa?

Some people did reply to me that they had had no withdrawal problems at all, so it isn't guaranteed.

But I think it will help to be forewarned!

Hi humanbean, thanks for replying. Sorry for the delay in replying, had some form of gastroenteritis so been away from my laptop, also means I haven't get had a chance to change what I'm eating yet. I'm sorry you felt bad, I have read about the withdrawal symptoms too. In what way did you feel bad if you don't mind me asking? Just so I'm forewarned as you say. I think cutting things out slowly is going to be the way forward as if I go cold turkey I'm going to have a binge on all the dairy/bread/pasta I can lay my hands on and feel bloaty and rubbish!! I'll let you know how I get on :-) x

I often low carb which has it similarities. Meat, veg and salad etc. Definite positive difference for me when I eat this way. Less bloating and I generally feel better in myself than I do when eating carbs. Of course there are carbs in veg but the better type IMO.

Hi Funtimefrankie, thanks for the reply. Sorry for the delay in replying, had some form of gastroenteritis so been away from my laptop, also means I haven't get had a chance to change what I'm eating yet. That's a big problem for me at the moment, bloating, I have had some major bloats recently that make me look pregnant with a rock hard protruding stomach! I'll let you know how I get on :-) x

Just eat a balanced diet and everything in moderation as we have always been advised to do by the medical profession. These fad diets are potentially dangerous

Hi Saltley, thanks for your reply. I'm going to cut things out steadily and always make sure I replace nutrients etc. If I eat gluten free bread and lactofree milk, am I still getting all the benefits without the gluten/lactose?

I cut out all gluten - for the first two weeks it was tricky and uncomfortable but after that - a lot better. Major change - constipation subsided. Phew.

Thanks Blitz, I intend to try and cut it out slowly, I'm hoping it will help with the horrendous bloat if nothing else! Glad it worked for you, I'll let you know how I get on :-) x

I went gluten free 6 months ago - I feel different since then, the biggest unexpected change is that I can breathe properly no more nasal sprays etc. constipation much improved, gradual loss of weight even though I eat the same amount of food and have found substitutes or bake cakes/alternatives. I would recommend exploring free from sections in the supermarket and start experimenting with recipes so you don't feel deprived of favorites or treats when you start. I should also add I went onto lactofree cow's milk , yoghurts and cream products. I now rarely get any bloating symptoms.

Hi ivorheadache! Thanks for replying! Ahh I have constant sinus problems, I am sure cutting dairy will help this! I think that's what I'm going to do, cut things out slowly, otherwise I'm going to just have withdrawals and binge like a crazy person one day!

Do you drink rice/almond milk or just lactofree? I don't know what's for the best? I'll be so happy if my bloating goes, sometimes I have a hard pregnant belly and it's so uncomfortable! Hoping this helps!

Thanks for your reply it's really helped :-) x

Hi Bigtourist, I only drink lactofree milk - but everyone is different. I tried this first because I don't like the taste of other substitues. They now make cream, soft and hard cheese lacto free too.Good luck hope you get good results!

I had a wander around the aisles today in the supermarket and found coconut milk. Its dairy, lactose and soya free so its perfect. I wasn't sure about the almond or hazelnut milk. Its nice too. Think I can live with this :-)

Cashew nut milk is nice, although a bit expensive. Worth it though. Mild and creamy tasting. I tried pecan milk but didn't like it - too bitter.

hi I am trialling this too and hoped to find a local, Somerset, nutritionist for support - still looking :-( I cut dairy completely prior to having a kidney removed in 1995 and felt much better. I have been on low dairy since, replacing with soya, rice and oat milk but will have to rethink. best way seems to be a day at a time. Izabella Wentz, Hashimoto's Root Cause helps a bit. Good luck will be interested to see how you get oñ. S x

Hi sarahstevenson, I'd love to find a nutristionist in this area but haven't been able to as yet. I will find dairy a lot harder than cutting gluten as I'm such a cheese lover! It's going to be hard but I've read up on it quite a bit now and I can only see positives! I'm glad you feel better after doing it, I hope I will too! Why are you rethinking if you don't mind me asking?

I've heard of that book actually, so many people are mentioning it that I think I will have to buy it. Seems well researched.

Thanks will let you know how I get on :-) x

Would goat's milk and cheese and sheep's cheese be acceptable lactose free substitutes?

I'm not sure. I just bought some coconut milk as its dairy, lactose and soya free. It tastes nice as well. Like skimmed milk with a hint of coconut. Think I'm going to be using this from now on. :-)

It can be the casein in milk not the lactose which causes autoimmune reaction. I am rethinking as soya worked fine as a dairy swap but now I wonder whether the poor link with thyroid health means I should trial dropping that too.

Ahhh I see, interesting! I don't think soya is good for people with thyroid problems. I've read its goitrogenic but then so is broccoli and I eat that by the bucketful. Its hard to know what advice to take on isn't it!

Hi BT...how are you doing on Paleo? I started yesterday, I must admit breakfast is a challenge...I had nuts yesterday and a pork steak today!!

I suffer from bad constipation and without going into details...I went to the loo today all by myself (if you get my jist, ha ha). So a result.

I've always been a gym, fit, slim little thing but put 3.5 stone on in 1 year and decreased gym, spinning, swimming etc due to muscle pain. I tied lots of different diets over the last 12 months and I'm now on 50 levo I hope Paleo works.

Must buy some coconut oil tomorrow but I am also trying to keep 1 eye on the calories too.

Good luck, let me know how you get on xx


I have goats milk and goats and sheep yoghurt and cheese - I wait till after midday so they are not too close to taking my levothyroxin first thing. Maybe they would be ok?

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