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Diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. Is this classed as a disability and has anyone claimed benefits to help them with day to day living?

I have been told i will be on meds for the duration due to my condition which has all the clasic symptoms including depression for which i am on medication. I work but really struggle with the commute on public transport and may need to drive now as i can cope with that just about but parking is an issue. Could i qualify for a blue disabled badge or isn't it classed as serious enough?

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You need to apply for PIP(the new benefit that is replacing DLA). The main criteria for getting a blue badge is that you qualify for the highest rate of the mobility component which at present means that you cannot walk for more than 50 metres,aided or unaided, although I think it is going to be changed to 20 metres soon. I'm afraid blue badges are nowhere near as easy to get as the media would have us believe. If you can tell us more about how your hypothyroidism affects your mobility someone might be able to give more specific advice.


hi there rammog , further to scatterbrain's answer , it does not nessesarily matter if you can walk to be able to claim pip[ dla] , there are a number of situations that will allow you to be able to claim ..... my advise is to go to an advice centre [ if you have a disability centre near you -- they tend to be the best , because they specialise ] -- allow them to complete the forms with you ---- if you are then allowed the lower rates you can then appeal for the higher rate , and ,if you get it will then qualify for a blue badge [ for your own use in any vehicle ] as well as free road tax [ for your own car or someone that uses their car for your purposes ] ........the reason I say to allow them to complete the forms is that they know exactly where to enter the correct information on the form --- it has been proved that if you put the same info in an alternative place it will get overlooked ...... also if an advisor fills the form out it will carry more weight with the assessor .......hope this is help ....alan x


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