Thousands of complaints against GPs deemed not worthy of full investigation by the GMC

Pulse article today reveals thousands of complaints against GP's never go anywhere, except from their filing cabinet. In 2012 alone the GMC decided that over 1,000 complaints were not worthy of full investigation.

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...about time the GMC got its act together then.... Thanks Moggies - another little gem in the tapestry of life.... x

The GMC is a very very old fashioned outfit, who despite their modern looking website are quite the opposite, patients and staff alike come off very badly if they do the right thing! MaryF

The only time the GMC takes action is when one consultant dares to complain that another consultant has diagnosed a condition they missed

Then the good Consultant finds themselves the victim of false accusations and a witchunt

Dr Peatfield, Dr Skinner, Dr Myhill to name just a few

I agree, reallyfedup. It is so disgusting. They Should be ashamed of themselves, but they are obviously Not !

I've just had a rant about this on a post higher up. Agree they have a lot to answer for! (Registrar unable to answer questions)

I've recently had experience of the GMC and was totally overwhelmed by their concern NOT!!

If a person makes serious allegations of incompetence against GPs that can be backed up then wouldn't you expect them to take it seriously? I've sent them a second missive, just to rattle their cage.

Medical mafia.

Its amazing that when the GMC want to charge someone on fitness to practice rules they use patients, but otherwise would never dream of listening to them!!

Thanks all for your comments - maybe some sweeping changes will be seen and the GMC will be dragged - kicking and screaming - into the modern world. Like ALL medical bodies they seem to be a law unto themselves.

Moggie x

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