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Still trying to work through this maze

I mentioned previously that i susspected vasculitis in addition to my diagnosis of Hashimotos. Having done some research on Vasculitis people talk about the surge that i get through my body which makes me feel very ill, they have explained it as a kind of adrenalin feeling which i can relate to.

That led me to think more about high cortisol and what that feels like. I can like most people relate to high anxiety and what that feels like which is uncomfortable.

What i seem to be trying to explain albeit a feeling like there is posion running through my body lasting from a few hours to longer but what i dont get is an exhaustion feeling at the end of it which is expereinced with high anxiety.

Its so difficult trying to put into words how symptoms make you feel like, my intepretation of them and also that of the reader and then of course the medics.

Any ideas please, however random, one day i will surely hit on it.



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Doctor Wilson's Original Formulations <>

Maybe there is something on that website that could possibly be of help....Newsletter has just popped into my Inbox !


Thanks will have a lookat that.


I can relate to the surge you describe. Does it come on at a particular time of day?

I sometimes get it after eating and it's a horrible feeling as if heart is racing almost fluttering yet pulse is normal.

Five years ago I was told I probably have some form of vasculitis ad well as hypot and reynauds. That was after I'd had a rheumatic flare but none of the tests came back positive.

I think so many of these autoimmune conditions are linked and it's an area doctors know very little about.

Let me know if you get any good leads. Take care xx


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