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You said that sorting out your hypoT was as memorable as the day your child was born. Can you pm me please?

I can't find your comment now. Your endo took you off t4 for a month then added as much t3 as you could tolerate, then did the same with t4.

If you recognise this description would you mind sending me a pm with your endo's name? I'm on an endo search.

Many thanks! x

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Can anyone remember seeing this reply? The person had had such a dramatic result that they said it was as memorable as the day they gave birth. I can't find it anywhere! Dying to hear more about the dosing method...


Sorry I don't know. Is it a post that you commented on? If it is you may be able to find it by looking in 'my activity' (click on your name on the green HealthUnlocked bar above).

P.S. I'd also like to know about the dosing method! :)


Hi. Thanks, yes I did that but it goes back a week or two and I think it was during a particularly prolific period for me :-) when I was here a lot, so it seems like I trawled through weeks of answers and couldn't find it.

It was really interesting. The way I remember it, the lady (I assume it was a woman - ?) said that the doc took her off t4 altogether for three or four weeks, then she took t3 until she felt she had hit her limit - began to feel hyper - and couldn't take more. Then he gave her t4 until she again began to feel a bit hyper. Then somehow doc decided how to dose within those parameters (this is where it gets a little vague for me). It sounded like genius and I was dying to know the details - what were the increases, how much/how often, what is doc's name, etc.

Even if I couldn't go to that doc I know someone who might be willing to go this route with me and supervise the process if I had all the details.

I have been swinging between hypo and hyper and since the end of Oct I feel pretty awful. I think I'm hypo but I can't raise my t3 without palps. Would prefer not to take more t4 as it has never really made me feel better but maybe it is the first step now - ?

Have just had a load of bloods for vitamins etc, so will act on the results to get my ducks in a row and then maybe try to raise again.

Will let you know if I hear from this person! :-)


You know, I'm convinced this thread has been deleted. I have searched through all my posts in the last month and haven't found it. :-(


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