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Is this a thyroid problem?

Dry eyes and throat, dry cough for over a year.Skin on face is dry with white heads/bumpy underneath.Always tired

Does anyone have these symptoms or can help me please? My quality of life and confidence is so low. I used to have such good skin but now am plagued with this mysterious problem. My skin doesn't seem to be able to heal and goes through a cycle of being dry and scaley/bumpy and is now scarred from all the picking. Seems to be a lot of tiny white heads buried deep in my skin, the more I pick, the more they come up. My eyes, nose and throat always burn and feel dry.

My parents said it might be thyroid problems as my grandma had this. Had blood tests which came back negative. I also have a dermatology appointment at the hospital next month (March). Symptoms seem worse when I need to go to the toilet and haven't had a chance to's like my body is filling up with toxin. I'm usually very happy but this makes me so tired and depressed, even after sleeping for 10 hours. Would appreciate any help, thank you.

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Have you had a full thyroid gland function test? If not, ask your GP to do one, not just the TSH but the T4 and T3 too (labs don't normally do T3 if TSH is within range). You can have a private T3 if you wish. Some links:-

Always get copies of your blood tests and post them for members to comment. Do get the ranges too as labs differ and it makes it easier to comment. Also ask for Vitamin B12, Vit d, iron, ferritin and folate to be tested as hypo are usually deficient.


Hi I agree you need TSH, T4 and Free T3 done for the thyroid. It may be sjogrens, autoimmune disease. This is not dermatologist but eyes, eye consultant , the rest is a specialised rheumatologist.There are drugs but very potent. Often eye drops, preservative free, hourly, if bad, throat various treatments, toothpaste, gel and mouth wash, all Biotene. Can be bought but usually if diagnosed on a script.

Basically it is lack of secretions. The other symptoms definitely sounds like thyroid, you may have both.

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