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Hello all, I am in need of emergency answer. I am feeling pressure and numbness on the forehead;

I am feeling awkward sensation and numbness on the place of the third eye. Last week felt same and was unable to sleep for the whole night and then feel ok after I had rest; but this weird feeling is back again yesterday and again I am so restless. Was unable to sleep and only sleep for 2 hours. Whenever I close eyes it hurts more. I want to add I was before taking citalopram but stopped it and now again taking it 5 mg tab 1 a day due to anxiety problem. Please please help me get rid of this numbness...

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It could be a withdrawal effect of stopping citalopram. If you Google 'citalopram side effects' there may be information to help you.

The sinuses are just underneath where you described the numbness. Have you had a cold which might have inflamed the sinuses?

Make an appointment to discuss with your GP if the numbness doesn't cease in a couple of days.

I'm not aware that it is a hypothyroid symptom but that doesn't mean there is no connection.


Thanks Clutter..your answer helped me a lot...I never knew what was sinus and was feeling that this is related to my psychological problem but after reading ur reply I searched about it and done nothing special yet but just took some hot steam and put nasal drops and it has helped. I am not 100 percent ok but much much better than before ; will consult my GP about it...thanks again for kind help...God bless.


I'm glad it helped. Sinus pain is hideous. Hopefully you've caught it in time.

Be careful not to assume that every ailment is related to your psychological state. I delayed getting treatment for over a year and became very ill because I wrongly assumed my symptoms were related to my bipolar condition.

I hope you're feeling better now :)


All thanks to you as I was thinking its all related to tension and I was almost like dying but today contacted GP and I am prescribed antibiotics and nasal spray....Will feel better soon...


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