BBC4 Programme - 26th February 2014

BBC4 Programme - 26th February 2014

There is a programme on BBC4 at 21:00 on Wednesday 26th February called "The Fantastical World Of Hormones With Dr John Wass". See

Professor Wass is the current academic vice president of the Royal College of Physicians. It may be interesting to see what he says....

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It should be very interesting indeed, I will be watching.

Hi I just tried the link in your post but it says Page not found :(

Got it. The url has a speech mark at the end. That needs to be removed and then it works :)

Now removed from the post.

Thanks Lyn,found the link,looks good.x

This sounds interesting. Thanks for the heads up,will definitely watch it.

lol....perhaps we can all persuade our gps to watch this :)

Absolutely NOT!! He's academic vice president of the Royal College of Physicians - these are the people who believe that thyroid treatment is as simple as prescribing a little bit of T4!!!!

We do not want the GPs view of thyroid disease being reinforced by this!

I saw Dr Wass interviewed on TV this morning - I fear you will be right... :(

Thanks and will look out for that. BBC4 shows some great programmes.

I wonder how much time he'll spend on thyroid? Not much I'll bet. I see it says something like 'onging cutting edge research'. Well, we know how much research is being done on thyroid, I think ... 0. I shall watch with interest.

Thanks Lyn, will tune in with interest :-) xx

Yes, I shall watch with interest.

I will have to record it as I will be at orchestra, but wondered whether we could have a hashtag on Twitter such as #tukhormones to discuss it while it is on.

Thanks for pointing this out. Should be interesting...tho I notice the examples given pertain to men and their testicles which does not bode too well! Let's hope thyroid disorders are fully dealt with and not as little more than an afterthought to diabetes

I will watch this xx

He is the Endo I have been seeing so will watch intently.

PS He prescribed me with T3!

Good to hear! :D

I'll put that on reminder, would like to hear what he has to say. X

Thank you for posting this, I too shall be watching.

I have looked him up and found his website

Thanks for that, I've booked it to record on sky x

darnnabbit - missed half of it - what happened?

waiting for iplayer

Really very little about thyroid other than hypothyroidism is completely treatable with thyroid replacement therapy!! Didn't mention what sort of therapy or how difficult the condition can be ...I found the programme disappointing

I nodded off!! Must have been cos I was finding it sexist.

oh - I came in at the acromegaly bit - glossed over I thought, with no regard for the patient's pain - had a bit of a gulp there as dad was a sufferer (& had pioneer surgery) J

I found the programme interesting - it was about all the hormones and how they were found by various doctors. It also included some of the dreadful things doctors did in those times to try to find out about hormones. I agree, it wasn't in enough detail but it's a start. I think more people may be aware of how hormones can cause problems. I may well quote Prof Wass' last line in which he talks about how he thinks hormones still have an awful lot to tell us! :-)

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