Mood swings

Hi all.

Something that's been bothering me for a very long time (even before all of the hypo/Hashi's going on) and that is becoming more prominent lately - are mood swings common in Hashi's?

I wasn't best pleased with my other half in him sending me out to get our dinner as it is cold, wet and windy. Initially I was angry with him for sending me out as he knows I get Raynaud's from being out in the cold for too long. Anyway I got on with it and further into the trip (it was a 20 minute walk) the anger sort of went away and I was then a bit happier for some reason. Very strange.

It was only on the way back that I felt more depressed and fed up. This is all very confusing and I feel like a nut for writing this but this is what I felt. I am looking into doing yoga at my local health centre and looking at collecting other pieces of information into this, but I'm just wondering if all this change in mood and emotions is to do with Hashi's?


Jo xxx

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Yep. Hashi really is the gift that keeps giving. It's one reason why I don't think it's totally out of order for GP's to prescribe anti-anxiety and antidepressants once a diagnosis has been made.

Your anger/mood may have improved because of the exercise which is recommended for mild depression. My spirits lifted last week when I manage to walk a mile instead of riding the bus. I'll be trying it again tomorrow if it isn't raining cats and dogs.

I've an early call so I'm turning in now. Catch you tomorrow, Jo, G'night x

Hi Clutter, thanks for your reply. Hope you had a good sleep by the way. :)

Yes, I find that I get irritable and angry at other times and before I know if I've gone back into happy mode. It's so confusing!

Hopefully when the blood test is done Wednesday things will be much clearer about whether I'm being adequately medicated or not.

Jo xxx

I think I would have been in a mood with my husband if he had sent me out in the rain for his supper!! Not that he would dare to. Err', might the problem be your husband's behaviour towards you causing your low mood rather than your blaming yourself? :)

Hi, thanks for your reply.

Well, we take it in turns and when I explained to him about the Raynaud's (which he knows I get when it's cold, wet and windy) he told me to wrap up warm. So I lost that argument.

I often get angry or irritable at other times too.

Jo xxx

I'm with banjo girl, tell him to go get his own!!

Hi, thanks for your reply.

Well, we take it in turns and when I explained to him about the Raynaud's (which he knows I get when it's cold, wet and windy) he told me to wrap up warm. So I lost that argument.

I often get angry or irritable at other times too.

Jo xxx

I tend to be more moody when i forget to take my magnesium.

Hi Yana, thanks for the link and your reply.

I'm looking into getting Floradix Magnesium today. I'm just hoping this is safe to take with everything else. I currently take D3 3000IU spray, Vitamin B12 lozenges and Spatone.

Jo xxx

What does the D3 spray taste like Jo? My D3 is in range now, but I think it can go higher until the sun shines, so I shall have to self supplement.

Hi Clutter, the D3 spray is peppermint flavoured and is very minty. I've also found that peppermint seems to help with constipation as I've been sucking a few Polo mints whilst being constipated and it calms my stomach quite quickly.

Jo xxx

Cheers Jo.

Hi Jo, I know you are having a tough time at the moment and I would definitely recommend Yoga. It is a very calming experience and gives a huge sense of wellbeing and always gives me the best night's sleep ever after a class.

Hi Fixit, thanks for your reply.

Cool! Will definitely look at Yoga. Cheers!

Jo xxx

Hi Jo, I'm with fixit, Yoga helps me enormously too. I can go in feeling absolutely terrible and then come out totally transformed.

Hi Karunablue, thanks for your reply.

Will definitely look at Yoga now. :)

Jo xxx

Hi I get very blue when my levels are out, hyper or hypo . Im treated for depression but Its so much worse when Im unwell. Sorry your suffering, just remember that it will pass and its not your fault its part of the illness.


Hi Sbrady, thanks for your reply.

It certainly doesn't help when other parts of my life go wrong. I was on Jobseeker's Allowance before being signed off for 6 weeks with the hypo and I called them to say I had been signed off sick and could not attend my next signing-on. The rep told me he would go ahead and cancel the next signing-on so I thought it had all been settled.

I then received a claim form for statutory sick pay and the letter that came with it stated that if I was signed off for a while I could apply for ESA. All I had to do was send back to them my declaration.

Well, I did not have this declaration as my claim had been closed off back in November even though at that time I tried to get through and explain to them I could not attend that signing-in either. So to make sure they understood what was happening with my situation I wrote up a letter explaining that I did not have this booklet and declaration as I had been re-registered and was not given these back as I should have.

2 weeks went by and I received a letter from the DWP today saying they were stopping my claim because I never turned up! But this was after I had called the rep to say I could not attend as I was signed off sick! I then explained that I was trying to claim for ESA anyway as stated in my letter minus the declaration I was never given. It was almost as if they disregarded my letter which explained everything!

I wasn't very pleased about all this and I felt the stress build up again and I was coming close to tears as they had closed my claim off even though I had done the right thing in calling them before my appointment, and giving them plenty of notice, to say I would not be able to attend.

I just don't understand it.

Jo xxx

My husband flys off the handle at times as do other hashis friends

even on armour the body is never quite the same as no pill can ever replace the actions of a normally functioning thyroid

however i think your husband should show a lot more understanding and consideration of what for you is a chronic,difficult and life changing condition

Hi reallyfedup, thanks for your reply.

He understands some of it and retains that information but I have to remind him several days down the line of the ways in which I suffer. It's very frustrating

It isn't though he doesn't want to understand or doesn't care but I think sometimes he just forgets.

Jo xxx

Hi Sorry to hear of your depression Jo. I have been the same and the Hashi is the cause of my mood swings and depression. I found I would just flip and get angry so quickly, then I would calm down and cry my eyes out, then a few hours later or days later, it was like what was that about. It turned out my Vitamin D level has dropped so low I needed extremely high supplements. Once I started them my moods swings have got better. Maybe you need a blood test, or just speak to your Doctor. Sadly mood swings are a problem with Hashimoto I have been told.

I wish you luck and maybe someone else can also answer your questions.

All the Best


Hi Ruth, thanks for your reply.

Yes, my Vitamin D is low and I take Better You D: Lux spray at 3000IU.

Had a blood test done today and my GP has booked me to have an ultrasound.

Jo xxx

Hi Jo, thats good news, hopefully things will improve now. Wow I didn't know you could get Vitamin D in a spray. well I know now. Good Luck with your results. What is the Doctor checking with the Ultra Sound? :-D

Hi Ruth!!

The doctor is checking to see if the thyroid is at all enlarged on the ultrasound. Also the triage GP has said I have a soft swelling in the thyroid area but is not a full-on goitre.

But because my thyroid gland was enlarged in the past and showed up on a past ultrasound scan 2 years ago it's worth checking out - especially since my antibodies are more raised and the TSH is all over the place. GP could not detect a goitre as such but she said it would put my mind at rest and she was quite happy to order it for me. Just waiting on a letter now.

Jo xxx

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