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No periods with Hypothyroid?

I understand that less frequent and lighter periods can be caused by HYPERthyroidism but what about HYPO?

I've not had a period since last August. I'm 43. My hormone levels were checked, found to be high, checked again and found to be normal (FSH)....... But still no period!

I'm on 50mg levothyroxine. If anyone knows or has experience relating to this I'd be really interested! Thank you :) xxx

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I went through my change at 42 due to undiagnosed under active thyroid troubles but they started getting more and more infrequant from the age of 38 so yes being hypo can cause trouble with your periods.

If these have not returned to normal once on meds then I would say you are not on enough - what are your latest thyroid blood results and do you have any other hypo symptoms.

Moggie x


I agree with Moggie.

The person who should know this answer is your GP but, unfortunately, they seem to have no clue about clinical symptoms

This is a link:-

I note you are taking 50mcg of levo and may need an increase. If you cursor down to date June 8, 2001 you will read an explanation about too low a dose the person's needs.


Hi If not under an Endo, I would ask for a referral, make sure it is someone good. This is their field , all endocrinology, hormones etc.

Best wishes,



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