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Hi I have been having treatment for underactive thyroid for 31/2 months started at 50msgs then 100 msgs now on 125msgs for the last 6 weeks

Although I felt better initially I have now for the last two weeks felt tired and the tops of my arms my shoulders hips and legs feel tired weak and heavy not as bad as when I was first diagnosed but still I dont feel right I used to be so active walking dog on the go all the time but at the moment feel as if I have aged twenty years will this get better with time the last time I saw doctor two weeks ago he said as I felt better than what I did that he was happy and to come back in four months and the weakness and tiredness would improve but how long should I give myself weeks months or should I be feeling better by now it's just so frustrating I feel I'm dragging myself around most of the time mentally I feel better but physically I still have along way to go x

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4 months! Doctor's a flipping sadist!

Hypo patients are often deficient or low in ferritin, vitD, B12 and folate. These have crossover symptoms ie low ferritin can cause shortness of breath, chest pain; vitD deficiency causes muscle weakness, aching joints and bone pain; low B12 can affect absorption of nutrients, meds and cause nerve pain and damage. All contribute to low mood and sense of wellbeing.

I would request blood tests. Any which are deficient should be prescribed supplements. Low in range means you should self supplement.

If your GP refuses to test it is in order to supplement B12 which you can't OD on, low dose folic acid, and at this time of year VitD which is probably low for most of the UK. Magnesium is something most people will be deficient in so you can supplement with tablets, sprays or epsom salt baths. Take zinc with magnesium.

If supplement deficiency is the reason for your aches and pains you should feel some relief in 6-8 weeks.

I'd say it is in order to return to the GP for TFT and an increase in Levo if you aren't feeling much better after 2 months.


The doctor obviously taking account of you feeling a bit better, was satisfied with your TSH level and sent you off. I don't think he took notice of the clinical symptoms you are still having. Clutter is right and follow the instructions set out.


i bet your ferritin and folate are way too low for you to absorb thyroxine

get your gp to run tests for





vit d3



All of the results must be in UPPER quadrant of their ranges if you are to be able to utilise thyroxine and get well

make sure you get a copy of the actual figures and the reference ranges never accept gp saying normal or in range


Firstly many thanks to you all for taking the time to reply today I returned to doctors and was seen by a different gp who has done a host of different blood test on me including the ones that you have all recommend fingers crossed that I will find the cause to how I am feeling .

Many thanks Lorraine xx




Hi, I'm on 200 mg of levothyroxine and like you started on 50 mg now I have been putting on weight nearly two stone, and I eat a healthy balanced diet. I'm going to ask my go if I can take a similar drug with the side affects. Best of luck. LD31.


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