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Has Mercury Pharma Levothyroxine been discontinued?

I was originally prescribed Eltroxin but my pharmacist couldn't get it and so I tried Wockhart and Actavis (to no avail) and then my pharmacist managed to get me Mercury Pharma's own generic Eltoroxin. I've since tried to get my most recent repeat prescription to be told that there is a supply problem. I've today tried to source Mercury Pharma from another pharmacist and he phoned his supplier to be told that both Eltroxin and the Mercury Pharma generic version is being discontinued and that I should try other brands. Is this information true? I'm rather worried and concerned because I cannot tolerate Wockhart and Actavis and need to take Levothyroxine to prevent my thyroid cancer returning.

Many thanks in anticipation.

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Oh lord! I hope this is not true. I'm doing brilliantly on Mercury.


How interesting Thora......I know some people have yellow carded about Mercury Pharma levothyroxine and I have recently contacted them myself.

I shall make a point of asking my pharmacist if he has heard anything.Maybe there has been a response to all the concerns about this medication? Sorry to hear you are not happy with the others you mentioned either and hope you find something that works for you ASAP.May be there will be more posts on this soon.


I had similar issue couple months ago and finally managed to get some ,, I contacted amco who told me there was no problem with the generic and if pharmacist it's having trouble then they should order from teva who simply stock mercury p now ,, perhaps contact your chemist again and ask them to do this,, either that or get them to contact amco who will inform them further.


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