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A Psychiatrist's Perspective On Using Drugs

I am a huge fan of Dr. Kelly Brogan, she has a highly functional mind and a refreshing holistic approach to her field. She did on interview on Dr. Mercola which is available here.

She has a lot of good info on her website, especially for women.

I discovered her a few weeks ago and there isn't anything that she has written that I disagree with. She also has some articles on Mad In America and this is the link. PR

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Thanks for posting - I too clocked her in the Mercola Newsletter this morning - so will now go and have a read !


Marz, you must get the daily because it wasn't in my weekly digest. How are the olive pickers doing? I bet you must get some delicious olive oil there. PR


Yes we do - we have just collected over 270 litres from the press. It was declared Extra Extra Virgin due to it's PH levels !! They take a share in payment - that seems to disappear into tankers from Italy as they do their rounds of presses and then back on the ferry at Souda. Bottled and sold to unsuspecting buyers as Italian ! We are going to prune the 57 trees right back this year - think hubby needs a break from the hard work of harvesting.



" ... created an opportunity for Pharmaceutical companies to infect a vulnerable host...

"There is a better way...."

I shall read on! :D


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