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The Living Matrix

There is a DVD called "The Living Matrix" which I have recently bought. It is about what the body can do to heal itself.

I found it a real eye opener and have sent for other books mentioned during the video. To me medicine seems to be going in the wrong direction "tick boxes" "treat the symptom not the patient" I could go on. We do need certain medication but perhaps we could help ourselves a lot more with a bit of knowledge under our belts?

This DVD gave me hope that there is a future for medicine and healing and it's very far from what we have today.

One of the people who benefited greatly was a lady with a thyroid problem.

You can see the film on the Internet but be prepared to watch and inwardly digest for at least an hour and a half!

There is a pause button!


Happy watching!

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...thank you Ellarose...

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