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side effects

In September 2010 I was diagnosed with an over active thyroid. I was put on Carbinozole but further tests showed that this effected my liver, so an appointment was made with an Endocrinologist. After BT and consultation it was decided that the best course of action was for me to have Radioactive iodine treatment this I had in January 2011.

By March 2011 my Thyroid was under active.

I am on Levothyroxine 125mg every other day.

There are as many people are aware many effects from an under active Thyroid, from aches and pains to eyebrows thinning. I understand that this happens, but can anyone tell me if they suffer from the feeling that their neck 'swells' or tightness around the neck?

I have been to the Endocrinologist, ENT specialist, i have had a scan and an endoscope up through the nose, and they can see nothing untoward.

I would very much like to know if anyone else has this feeling/sensation.

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Please can you supply your latest thyroid blood results, including the ranges.

Also, which levo are you on?

Why are you on 125 every other day?

This information will help people to better offer informed support...




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