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LDN decision with GP tomorrow, but does it have a negative effect on cortisol?

Hi everyone, My GP tells me tomorrow if I've been successful in getting LDN. I've read it can be helpful in Hashimotos, fibro and even Interstitial Cystitis which would be a god send. Can it though reduce cortisol further?

What is the dose for Hashimotos?

Thanks. X

PS I bet I don't get it :-(

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Sorry you had no replies - hopefully someone with relevant experience will pick this up from Latest Activity....

Have you been here...?




Hi Louise, don't worry, i've done some research incl the link and have 1 page printed out to show her doses for hashimotos. I think she is convinced as she offered it after her research, but I think it's down to the other partners. Prepared for a NO, and I'll know in about an hour. X


Hi Helcaster,please let us know how you got on. I'm no expert so can't advise you. Looks like you might be our guinea pig.x


Hi beaton! That answer was no, just put a post on about it. X


hope it all went ok! :(


As predicted Louise it was a no. But read my post i've just put on. X


I would be really interested in hearing how you convinced your GP to prescribe it.

For Hashimotos the recommended starting dose is the lowest which I think is 0.5


Hi Peacefullbliss, my gp suggested it, but when she asked for it to be prescribed it was a big no. I've just put a post on about it. X


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