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Have hit a 'brick wall' with GP after normal blood tests - any advice on what to do next?!

Hi there,

I'm brand new here and here because I am trying to solve the mystery of why I feel so utterly exhausted and have so many thyroid-related symptoms. I am hoping someone can help throw some light on other options I might look at for diagnosis etc.

I am 43, used to be very fit, slim and healthy, but after a total abdominal hysterectomy (with one ovary preserved) in Dec 2012, I have really been struggling with weight gain and exhaustion. I am now 9 months post-op and went to the GP for help after my return to 8 hours sleep a night, healthy diet and exercise (Rehab Personal Trainer, pilates, gym and yoga) failed to make any difference to my energy levels or weight. I've been losing hair for ages, am often cold and achy, I cannot lose weight (despite my husband losing 7lbs on same eating plan!), am constantly exhausted, have hoarseness, hair and skin changes, headaches and fluid retention on/off in my feet.

Blood tests have come back normal and GP has basically said there's nothing more she can do - so I am stuck with feeling NOTHING like my normal self and that is meant to be ok!!! Is there anything else I can do or any other avenues I can try?

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Your symptoms certainly sound like they may be hypothyroid. If you have or can ask for the printouts of your tests with the ranges, then many knowledgeable people on this forum will be able to comment for you.

It's horrible to be told you're normal when you know yourself and you aren't normal.

Good luck - you've come to the right place. P.s. Even on Levothyroxine after being diagnosed hypothyroid my GP said I was normal and I had to keep on insisting that I was far from normal!!! What really made the GP start to listen was my very low temperature, particularly on waking (basal body temp.). Have you checked yours?



Hi Mary,

Thank you so much for your reply - even just having someone understand the frustration of the situation helps!

My GP told me that my T4 level was 14.2 and TSH was 2.19. Those are the only thyroid-related tests she did. My iron levels were normal too. I know that these levels are within the normal ranges, but I don't know if they're normal for me! I do know that thyroid issues are common after hysterectomy and I also know that there is a genetic history, and so it seems logical to me that this is the most likely explanation. I don't want to feel like I do now for the rest of my life that's for sure!

I haven't checked my waking temperature - I will start doing that - thank you :-)


on the info that I have gained from this site I feel that you need to get FULL blood checks done t3/t4/ferretin /follate /and all b vits .......this will give a CORRECT diagnosis and treatment plan for your situation ...... just INSIST THAT YOUR GP CARRIES THE CORRECT TESTS [ if you post the results on this site === with ranges ==== you will get advice from others that WILL be able to help you ] ......LoL alan xx


I suffered for many years but had "within normal range" results.

In the 80's we had a very hot summer - I was in an aran cardi and strong sunglasses! 8-) It was when I turned up for my routine rheumy app't with sunburned and blistered feet [only bits uncovered] that he called endo in for consult that the endo said "clearly what is slightly insignificant to some is extremely significant for you." this was quickly followed by more tests and I was put on thyroxine. my life changed dramatically. I was so much better. the endo said "this is why we treat the person and their symptoms and not what general guidelines say."

sadly, things have worsened after 30ish years and he has retired. my gp keeps asking for in-depth blood tests but if the t4 [I think?] is normal "computer says no"

and the t3 and others are never done and no referrals accepted.


Are you taking HRT? If you are, you might want to read up on how this affects thyroid function.

To be honest, as others have said, ask for a printout of your blood test results. Post them up here and some knowledgeable folk will take a look.

If GP won't do anything, then write a letter of complaint to the Practice Manager stating that nothing has been done to help you regain your health and what GP has said. After all, our taxes go towards paying their salaries!!

Good luck and do keep us posted.


I had the same symptoms that you have and now am on thyroxsin , I would go to another doctor and ask for the specific tst for thyroid only .


Thyroid apart, don't forget Adrenal issues... sadly you won't get more than a blood Cortisol level from a GP, but at least look into it (Exhaustion). Maybe a 24 hour salivary adrenal profile might be worth spending the money on. That was the real cause of my exhaustion, thyroid was a more minor problem; besides, you need to be sure your adrenal output is good for proper thyroid function too. DON'T over train either... and certainly not a lot of CV training at all, keep it to weights for weight loss, especially if you are feeling exhausted

Weight... got to be Low carb every time - tried EVERY form of diet in my lifetime, (hypothyroid or not!) low calorie low/fat is a long term way to end up with Insulin resistance and rebound weight gain is the norm (maybe Reverse T3 too); only low carb has produced real long-term results for me (53kg loss)... extra benefit of no wheat too, and lots of hypo people have wheat/gluten "issues" they never knew they had until they get rid of it.


Thanks so much to all of you for taking the time to reply and give me your thoughts and advice - it is VERY much appreciated!

I have to ring my GP on Monday for coeliac blood test results, so will ask them to send me a print-out of the other results and will post them here when I get them. I didn't want to post an essay when I originally posted, but just to say that I'm not on HRT as still have a functioning ovary, and I very much doubt it's adrenal fatigue as I'm a holistic therapist and therefore over the years have developed a lifestyle that supports me and doesn't stress me out in any way, I am also very nutritionally aware (def no low fat muck here!), and I don't eat wheat or many carbs. My main suspect is def thyroid or endocrine system generally up the swanny post-hysterectomy - or I am full of Candida (did a whole year on candida diet 3 years ago though and doesn't 'feel' like it is back).

I have decided to take myself off on a retreat next week for 5 days of yoga and juicing to see if I can rest and reboot my system. Will keep you all posted :-)

Thank you all again x


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