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Adrenals first, Thyroid Thereafter?

Apologies for duplication - not sure where to post for the best


After the past 4 years of trying and a false start with a Dietician, I have very recently been dealing with a Nutritionist who does Biomeridian testing in a bid to address why I put on weight around my middle and cannot shift. After completing an extensive questionnaire and meeting her, she has decided that I have Adrenal fatigue and has advised that I take Adrenal supplements which I started doing before Christmas. She has also recommended a food list of Do's and Donts which seems to be a mixture of GI and metabolic dieting.

My question is, what improvements if any should I see in the short term? Should I expect that the Thyroid will be next to be addressed or, is it the case that rectifiying the Adrenals is sufficient enough? I guess I am worrying because from what I amseeing on here, adrenal supplements are usually given to people who are having trouble losing weight.

Not an exhaustive list but my symptoms include Weight gain around my middle and bloating, gut issues, thinning hair, sensitivity to light, heightened anxiety (mainly due to external factors) coldness, pooor memory, skin prone to acne.

I have already wasted a lot of time and money on trying different approaches to weight loss and other health issues - I am committed and just want it to work

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It has been my daughter's experience that nutritional measures alone were not effective. She also found that taking adrenal support (recommended by a doctors) made her put on weight. Everyone is different of course, so this may not be the case with you.

You may be interested in this list site.

There is a new term - "Complex Chronic Illness" - which is being used more and more to describe the kind of illness that so many people have including those who suffer from thyroid illness. I would recommend that you seek the advice of a doctor who knows how to treat metabolic problems. Louise has a list -

Jane x


Re my post above, I have found a post that relates to my query - I take it things have changed and that Dr P no longer recommends this first of all?


Just to say,since i been dairy free ,acouple of months,and gluten -free for the last year(not v v strictly)i have lost half stone since this summer;but this was unintentional,as i am not overweight to start with.Its actually bit worrying.But thought i tell as i think it can help u with weight-loss.(i also increase healthy fats;olives ,avocados,nuts n seeds,coconut oil.Also incr veggies!I have meat or fish everyday.)


Thanks cloud - I too have increased healthy fats and am snacking on some nuts as we speak. Wish you continued success in your approach to body health


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