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When to have full thyroid bloods taken?

My endo has requested a full thyroid profile, which is good. But can someone remind me when is the best time to have the bloods taken? I take my levo in the morning before breakfast.

Could maybe get it done when at Brompton tomorrow morning (Thursday 2nd) (10.15) so would be useful to know best timing asap, if at all possible. Thanks very much.

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The earlier the better as your TSH is higher in the mornings. I always try for an 8 oclock appt but if 10.15 is all you can get then go for that but do not take your meds that morning or you could end up with a false reading. Take them straight after your tests as a few hours difference wont really matter.

Moggie x


I'd try to have the test as early as possible but delay taking Levo until after you've had the test


Thanks for your replies. As it turned out, Brian Frog struck big-time. I turned up a 'little' early for my appointment - like, 3 MONTHS early! Gawd.


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