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Free prescriptions

Just wondering if any one knows if I can claim back the fees for perscriptions I've been paying for for the last seven years. I have

a OVER ACTIVE thyroid and for the last seven years I've been taking CARBIMAZOLE. Not once did my chemist or doctor say "Oh by the way your perscriptions are FREE" I only found out when I asked my eye doctor about the price of eye drops? ( I've also got mild TED). Anyway I'm not here to whinge. I just get on with it. So if anyone knows IF I can claim back seven years worth of fees (Over a grand) I'd be happy. Lol knowing my luck I've probably lost every penny. In the mean time MERRY CHRISTMAS and A HAPPY HEALTHY NEW YEAR 2014. Follow me on twitter too if you like. culcul71


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No - you cannot.

Q. I need some prescriptions now but I do not have a certificate. Do I have to wait until it arrives?

A. Your certificate will start from the date one month before the date we get your application. You can claim a refund of any charges paid from that date, however, you must ask your pharmacist for an FP57 receipt and refund claim form when you pay. You cannot get one later.



A prepayment certificate might be appropriate:

In general terms, hyperthyroid people are not eligible. However unfair that may be.



I've been told it is only if you are permantly underactive


Thanks for the replys. So I won't get FREE prescriptions. I'll have to have the radio active iodine drink so I'll be UNDER ACTIVE for life. Then I'll get them FREE. Oh the joys. Story of my life. Thanks again team


No, you won't be eligible for free prescriptions at the moment, unfortunately. On the bright side, prescriptions in the UK are considerably less expensive than in most countries, so we have at least one thing to be thankful for.

Carbimazole is currently fairly expensive in the UK. Wholesale prices into pharmacies are currently around £40 for a pack of 5mg tablets and £95 for a pack of 20mg tablets. There has been a sharp increase in price over the last few months.


Your pharmacy ought to have told you about pre-payment certificates.

When I started taking two regular prescriptions for high blood pressure as well as my asthma inhalers, the pharmacist explained all about it and gave me a form to fill in.


(Thyroid) "Prescriptions are free to all in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales but not in England.

However, there are certain NHS prescription and exemption cardpeople in England who can access free NHS prescriptions for medication if they fit certain criteria such as:"

(amongst many others) "(hypothyroidism which needs thyroid hormone replacement)"


also this on that link, might help?

NHS Low Income SchemeNHS Help with health costs logo

Some people on a low income who are not receiving any of the qualifying benefits above, may qualify for help with prescription charges via the NHS Low Income Scheme. Entitlement is based on your circumstances, such as your level of income, savings, etc.

You need to fill in an HC1(SC) form 'Claim for Help with Health Costs' giving various details of your circumstances and then send it off in the prepaid envelope provided.

You can obtain an HC1 claim form from:


thanks for the info Cat. However my surgery seems to think ill get FREE perscriptions? I've filled in the relevant forms and it's now in the post. I'll let you know IF I get it. Thanks again for your help team.


I thought all thyroid was free until I read that link, fingers crossed for you x


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