Been asked to pass this on

This organisation needs as many people it can find to give their opinions on their local NHS. I know some on this site hae already completed the survey but more people are needed.

So if you have 5 minutes to spare please do the survey and help change the NHS.


Moggie x

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  • I've just completed this and said I'm available to join the panel, thanks for mentioning it :)

  • Great - thanks.

    Moggie x

  • Me too. Thanks, Moggie. I also submitted ( a little while ago now) a short snapshot of my dissatisfaction of my care post RAI at the hospital on the Patient Opion site. Others might like to do something similar about their own experiences of being treated for thyroidism in its several manifestations? If you're curious to see what I put I'm on there as humphrey1 (there's another humphrey on there! Go figure!!)

  • Done, and I found it quite enjoyable :D

  • Someone the other day "told their story" on the site and it made them angry (their story not the Glad you found the survey enjoyable though.


    Moggie x

  • Just filled in the survey and offered to go on the panel. Maybe this would be a way to get our voices heard at local level health care. I put in an observation that although the local Trust does use patient centred care in most departments the patient is not generally listened to when having thyroid problems.

  • Thanks for that - it will be interesting to see what the results of the survey are.

    Moggie x

  • Done!

  • Thanks.

    Moggie x

  • Phew, good questions. They got full answers from me, so it took quite a long time to complete, but I am glad I did. Wasn't it silly to close down the consultative groups.

    The NHS should not have to live with almost permanent reorganisation, and I say that even though a good friend makes an excellent living from change management in the NHS. Nuff said.

  • I thought that as well, very good questions that took a bit of time to answer but well worth it. Glad you was able to get a few goods points across.


    Moggie x

  • Yes that was a good way of bringing up the Scottish Parliament Ladies and just how LITTLE...if at all...the GMC listened to them. Also how some doctors do try to help and get into terrible trouble...and yes I did mention names. In fact I had a really good rip at it...feel a lot better now!

  • A good bit of therapy does the world of good doesn't Glad you were able to get things off your chest.

    Moggie x

  • Thanks for posting this Moggie. Have signed this and also belong to Healthwatchuk. Janet.

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