Do you have CFS/ME and/or Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) associated with your thyroid disorder?

This research was carried out about 15 years ago:

It has only recently been taken up again and further research is currently ongoing. So far 30 of 33 test subjects with CFS/ME and MCS have been found to carry the worm.

Jane x

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  • Hi Jane, thanks for this, it's very interesting. Do you know where this new research is being carried out? Do they need volunteers? How do people get rid of the worm?

    I'm particularly interested as I have underative thyroid, multiple chemical sensitivities and CFS.


  • I only know because my daughter is one of the 30 positive results. The study has been initiated by a clinic in California which is now helping her with her recovery. Apparently there was a doctor called Dr. Wright in the UK who also did some work on the subject a few years ago but I have been unable to track him down.

    Isn't it amazing how many things are now being discovered as being connected with thyroid disease? The list grows and grows. Jane x

  • Thanks! Yes the dear Thyroid appears to be a sensitive body part and treatment so complicated. Are you able to PM me with the clinic name so that I can look into this a bit more please?

    Best wishes for a full recovery for your daughter.


  • Hi Mary, I have now discovered this more recent follow up which goes some way to explaining why this doctor became interested in the subject,

    I've also discovered that the UK doctor involved with some research was Dr. Andrew Wright from Bolton, so I must check up more on him.

    Jane x

  • If it is a roundworm causing it is it as simple as they do deworming treatment to see if symptoms improve or is it a bit more complex than that to get rid of the thing?

  • Unfortunately it is not yet known how to treat it as the research is so new. However, as my daughter has it you can be assured that once I know what kind of treatment she needs I will share that information on here. Jane x

  • Really glad to hear they are researching this. I hope they manage to find easier ways to confirm infection and to treat eventually.

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