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Hi ,I think various people have been trying to send me messages. All this week I have been having problems with the site, the normal postings and PM`s. Now nothing seems to be going either way. I have asked the Tec people, they said Friday that they had sorted it.! Worse than ever now. So if you have posted to me, I hope I will able to reply when Tec sort it out!If the posting eventually arrives!

Mean while, to those who have asked for my Endo, her secretary has now changed. I have the new details. if you can not send me a PM for now and urgent , suggest you contact her hospital.

I just hope this posts OK.

best wishes, to all,


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Hi Jackie

They were testing something new on Tuesday and everything seems to have been a bit squiffy ever since! *sigh* :(



Thanks Louise."Squiffy" is certainly the word!



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