Absolutely Gutted

Hi All,

Went for my ultrasound scan today, which the gynae ordered before my op, to see how much this cyst on my right hand ovary had grown (which is has) only to be told that I now have a further two on my left hand ovary. I feel like a bloody good cry - how much more is going to get in the way of this op, will this actually stop the op which is planned for 20th January (it's all ready been cancelled twice due to heart palps) or will they just whip both ovaries out instead of the one.

The poor lady doing the scan saw my face fall and couldn't have been more sympathetic. Now I will have to wait for the images to go to the gynae and await her instructions.

Another thought is that this has happened for a reason (got to look on the bright side) as, if the operation had gone ahead earlier this year to remove my right ovary, I would have had to go through it all again a year or so later to remove my left one so maybe it's a blessing in disguise.

I truly do believe that this is thyroid related - maybe the meds cause this as it's all hormone related????

Moggie x

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Poor you, not surprised you are totally gutted about it. I would be too.

Very wise to look for a bright side to it all and you are right, you would probably have had to have another op done in the near future so this way you will be getting two for the price of one.

With a bit of luck it won't stop your planned op and hopefully they will decide to do the NHS equivalent of 'buy one, get one free' on ovaries for January and you will get it all over and done with at once.

There isn't much anyone can say is there other than (((( big hugs)))) and I'm thinking of you.

Liz x

Sorry to hear this but so good that you can be positive about it all! BIG HUGS coming your way! :-) Lyn xx

Thanks Lyn

Much needed and much appreciated.

Moggie x

Only me can get a BOGOF on ovaries.lol.

Thanks for your comforting words.

Moggie x

Oh Moggie! You even manage to make a joke when you've had such bad news!

Big cyber hugs from me

Carolyn xxx

Ooooh poor Moggie. It's really strange how things turn out but be positive that your op isn't far away and you only need this done once.

Be kind to yourself and hopefully you'll feel so much better once it's done. Sending hugs to you.

Thank you - it never rains but it pours. As you said at least this way I have only got to go through this once. Don't know how close I am to needing a full hysterectomy.

Moggie x

{{{ Moggie }}} Hopefully they can save ½ an ovary to spare you more hormone replacement therapy. I half heard the Monty Don prog Saving the Earth, or something. There is a correlation between thyroid disease and genital cancers. Might just be in Seals though. So much to look forward too :(

ahhh Moggie, big hugs...wish i could say something helpful, youve been such an amazing support to me. Really hope you dont need the full hysterectomy.

big hugs xxxxx

So sorry to hear about all of this Moggie. I'm not surprised that you are upset. I hope that things can be resolved for you before much longer. Caroline had to have a large cyst removed when she was only 14. We were told at the time that her ovary might have to be taken too but fortunately the surgeon saved it. Once we knew that she was hypothyroid (7 years later) I learned from the hospital library that ovarian cysts are OFTEN a sign of hypothyroidism especially in teenage girls. It's amazing how the lights begin to turn on once you have all the right information.

I wonder how long you've had the original cyst. Could it have been for many years? Caroline had been taken into the hospital with suspected appendicitis when they found hers.

I hope you're treating yourself to something special this evening. Jane x x

Thanks for your input - I have been doing some research today and found that although cyst are connected to undiagnosed under active thyroid illness (like Caroline) I have also read reports that continuing cyst in people on thryoid medication is a sign that they are under medicated as the cysts stop forming when you are on the correct replacement thyroid hormone. This is all good and well if the medical profession read anything other than blood results, or the gynea admitted the link between cysts and thyroid illness, but as we all know on here this is not the case and seeing as I have another two new cysts forming I can only assume that something is amiss with my medication. Sounds simple - just increase meds - but with an increase in meds comes the old problem of my heart issues so I seem to be stuck.

Dont know how long I have had the original cyst but interestingly I had a cyst (just a bit bigger than a tennis ball) removed from my breast when I was 17 and assume that, once again, it would be hormonal.

Will have to wait and see what the surgeon will suggest - to take both ovaries (which is my preferred option as I cant see the point in taking the one and leaving the other two cysts to grow and then repeat the op within a year or so) or a hysterectomy. Don't know if this is even an option, would they preform a hysterectomy for ovarian cysts?

Hopefully I wont have to wiat to long for an answer - as long as the answer isn't my op being cancelled.

Thanks again.

Moggie x

Big hugs from me too moggie ((())) xxx

Thanks for the hug.

Moggie x

so sorry Moggie that you have to go through this, the only thing I can think of is what you said: maybe a blessing in disguise that your op was delayed and you had this scan, but yes, so sorry it has gone this way. Hugs your way xx

Thanks NBD - definitely better to get it all done with in one go so lets hope this latest set back hasn't altered my op date.

Moggie x

Sorry to hear this Moggie! :(


Thanks Louise - amazing what life can throw at us isn't it, but I bounce well and, on a more positive note, just think how much extra time I will have when I am sitting at home for six weeks recovering to enjoy the site.lol.

Moggie x

That's true - we'll just leave all the moderating to you then! ;) ;) xx

Nooooo - don't forget I wont be well. Lol, bored maybe but still poorly. Lol.

Moggie x

Awww - only messing with you! lol! xxxx

I know - a little light hearted banter lifts the spirits.

Moggie x

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