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Hypothyroidism and blocked nose?

I have just started on levo (6 weeks, just 25ug per day) and have suspected hypothyroidism for at least six months (probably much longer). I have always had problems with a blocked nose even there is no obvious cold/allergy (I do suffer from hayfever). It has got worse the last few months and still getting worse. Could this be caused by hypothyroidism and will taking levo eventually help?

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frequent sinus infections are a very common hypo symptom

getting your medication right will make it go away forever yes..

But Levo might not be the medication that gets you right and even if it is it could take some time

In the meantime come off all dairy that will help


If you have myxoedema or fluid retention you can have swelling in all your body tissues including your mucus membranes, so if your thyroid levels improve it should also get easier to breath.



I get blocked nose upon waking up in the morning. I am suspected hashis on 125mcg levo.

jo xxx


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