Caused by the Thyroid or something else?

For many years I have had really odd stomach problems, the only way I can discribe it is it feels like I have a giant hedgehog in my stomach - because I get a sharp prickly sensation in the chest & stomach, along with occasional sharp pains, Also another problem I have had for years is my legs, Thighs & bottom are extremely painful to touch and if you do touch them they feel lumpy and are always Ice cold. The docs do not know whats happening and the pains are getting worse. Has anyone else experienced this? what can I do to ease the pain? Thank you x

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  • Hi, I get prickly sensations in my chest and stomach. I'd always assumed it was ovulation pain until a few weeks ago when I started to get it at times other than my period/ovulation. Not sure about thighs and bottom pain though I'm afraid as I don't have it, although the skin at my legs has gotten very creased, almost like dough. I'm not even overweight!

    I don't have cold legs like yourself but my feet take ages to warm up, especially in bed.

    GPs don't know what it is either and when I put it to one of the idiot doctors that it might be a progression in the hypothyroidism he said there are usually outward signs of pretibial myxoedema on the legs, no pain/sensory issues. So I haven't been back to see him since. The endo I'm going to see might know. Are you with an endo yourself Kitten-Whiskers?

    I hope you get an answer soon and good luck.

    Jo xxx

  • Hello Jo,

    I do wish you luck with the endro, the endro I saw was a real numpty - he wasn't interested how much I was suffering or the fact that I would rather be without the Thyroid Medication that actually put up with the issues it causes. Thats why I was concerned about the stomach problem - I have put up with that since I was 19, I am now 33 and really in so much pain, I wondered if the stomach problem was damaging the receptor uptake or the red and white blood cell production. As for the Legs I guess that must be down to the thyroid - but the pain is so bad now, that evening sitting down hurts. I have changed docs as well so i hope I get some joy from him.

  • Hi Kitten-Whiskers!! Thanks for wishing me luck with the endo. I've heard nothing for a week and the GP said to me "at any rate you will be going to an endocrinologist regardless of what the blood tests say." That was last Thursday and the bloods were done yesterday.

    I saw the idiot GP I had the above problems with in passing when I was waiting for my blood to be taken. He glanced at me and I thought "keep looking mate, I'm not going back to you for thyroid problems!"

    The stomach problems I've been getting have been with me since I was 24 - I'm 28 now and always put them down to ovulation. I even went to a nurse practitioner about it and she was suggesting I have my stomach opened up! Luckily that never happened.

    I have problems with my red blood cell count - I have too many red blood cells.

    Have you been tested for plasma viscosity? The GP who's referred me has said that high plasma viscosity is linked in with a high TSH as it's all inflammatory related. Not sure if that's true, wouldn't hurt to ask some of the guys on here to clarify, but it's worth considering adding to your next blood test.

    Well done for changing doctors by the way - I thought I would never get any joy from the GP I saw last week and I was incredibly surprised to have her say she was keen to refer me. What a difference changing GPs makes!

    Best wishes

    Jo xxx

  • Hello Jo,

    I am so glad you will be getting proper treatment from now on. My new GP seems to be wonderfal - I have an appointment Monday night so hopefully something will be sorted and proper treatment can begin. I will ask about the Plasma Viscosity. Because of your red blood cell problem - maybe that is down to low stomach acid - that is something I am going to ask my doc about to. I wish you all the best Jo and hope you get well

    Best wishes


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